EXCLUSIVE: Prospect Park Sets first Airdates for Online Versions of ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’

Disney/ABC Television Group

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — As Soap Opera Network first reported on our Twitter page, has quietly confirmed that “” and “” will premiere online on Monday, January 16, 2012 and “One Life’s” last airdate on ABC will be Friday, January 13, 2012. Previously “One Life” was expected to air its ABC finale on Friday, January 20, 2012, according to sources.

Additionally, it was announced at tonight’s “Girl’s Night Out” event at the Marriott Hotel in New Jersey during the “One Life to Live” Fan Club Weekend that ‘s last airdate as Kelly Cramer will be Wednesday, August 24. Tognoni wrapped filming in June.

  • All My Children & One Life to Live to air with Prospect Park on January 16  2012

  • Hope that it all works out. Still hate ABC and Disney for cancilling One Life to Life. They really don’t care !!

  • Watched One Live to Live since day one . Can’t believe it is being cancelled

  • What will the web address be?

  • Anonymous

    Do we have anymore information on who is staying and who is going?
    Is cable still an option? My internet connection does not pick up these soaps.

  • Anonymous

    Do we have anymore information on who is staying and who is going?
    Is cable still an option? My internet connection does not pick up these soaps.

  • I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Just to clarify, Gina Tognoni said that she’s pretty certain that her last air date is August 24th. She said she isn’t entirely certain.

  • D H

    I thought Prospect Park was looking at Networks as well to pick up AMC OLTL & ultimately GH! Meantime I would also like to know the website address for Prospect Park when the shows do go online!

  • Well, at least we have a date for the online move now. That’s a step in the right direction.

  • will amc be televised on another channel? what will that channel be?????

  • I still don’t believe that switching to watching soap online will work out. Nobody wants to sit at a computer watching a buffering show online. It is also a bad idea to change soapnet to a cartoon channel. I really don’t think the older crowd has access to internet to be watching these soaps that they have watched for so many years. The channel Soap-Net should stay what it is. One Life to Live and all the other soaps would be able to stay on the air on television. NOBODY WANTS TO WATCH BUFFERING INTERNET SHOWS PUT IT BACK TELEVISION.

    • Well, Desiree…I watch All My Children online now exclusively. It is much more convenient which means that I do not miss episodes anymore. It is really nice when I have been too busy to watch and then have 3 or more shows to watch back to back. Fun stuff. By the way I have been watching AMC off and on since it began… when I was 12 years old.

  • I am still steaming about (in my perpective) a show call “The Chew” needing AMC’s time slot. If someone wants to watch another food show, go to the Food Network.  All My Children and One Life to Live has the fan base that “The Chew” will never see. A fan base for 40 years. So, the advertising space bought up for “The Chew” will be a bad investment. I see a short life for this “food” show.  I wish Prospect Park all the luck for taking AMC over to online.  I hope it will be successful, but concern that some people will not have the access.

  • I think the deal will work out.  And its better to get these shows off ABC.  Bryan Frons had no idea how to run these shows.  And to be honest competition from cable and satellite is killing soaps.  Like it or not viewership is way down and production cost today are much higher.  All networks are scrambling to survive, it’s not about ABC.  In the next few years all the soaps will probably get the ax.  There are already rumors about Y and R getting the ax in the next 18 months.  Moving these shows to the web and cable is a good way to possible resuscitate the genre. And all the anger over ABC is a moot point, ABC is going to be sold to another parent company very soon.  Disney no longer wants it.  It’s all business and money, it’s not worth all the anger and useless emotions.  Move on.

    • OK, your comment about the business end of this is fare. Its always the bottom line, isn't.  When u watch a show for 40 yrs, its an addiction that you do not want to give up,without a fight.  Think of all the ladies who listened to the soaps like The Guiding Light and Days of our Lives on radio, got into it more on tv. Now we r looking at a very long and large fan base. Yes David soaps are not real life just like addicted games on facebook.  As a addicted soap fan, I have already plan to add the internet to my budget. Rena Laws


      • My2Cents

        I don’t know. The thought of sitting at a desk watching a soap just doesn’t impress me.

  • Anonymous

    What is web address to watch online and will Canadian viewers be able to access the web site?

  • There will come a day( very soon actually) when Television as we know it is phased out and ALL “TV” programs will come through the internet. 

  • what is the website where we will be able to view the shows online?

    • My2Cents

      I don’t believe that it has been announced..
      About a month ago, I received a ‘link’ to be able to watch whatever I wanted to for free on the internet.
      So I went to the link, assuming that would probably gain me access to the new shows, however there was a 1 time download fee, so I skipped over it.

  • Anyone have the link to Prospect Park?

  • would also like  to know what the link to the site is.

  • so go to soap opera network.

  • im just alittle confused.

    • My2Cents

      This is soapoperanetwork.
      Been searching for a PP website and not finding one yet….

  • I have been watching the show since it began and have been a loyal viewer thru the great times, of which there were many, and the horrible Pratt/Frons times, which wasn’t easy sometimes.  I got through them because I kept thinking that “this too shall pass”.  Then came the cancellation.  What a horrible day that was. 
    Now I am smiling again because innovative forward thinking people like those in charge at Prospect Park knew a good thing when they saw it and now Pine Valley will live on in a different venue. 
    Personally, I have watched AMC for a while on Hulu on the internet.  I found it easier to fit into my schedule and there are less and shorter commercials via Hulu.  So when AMC comes back in January, it won’t be a major transition for me to watch it on my computer. 
    I hope and pray that the actors and the crew of AMC get the rest they need and think long and hard about coming on board.  If AMC and OLTL do well on the internet, I think that the rest of the soaps will end up in the same place and that the future of a lot of television we now watch is headed in the same direction.  BUT we have to support this new venture.  We as fans of the show have to be there watching and supporting it, or it will not be around for long and this time there will be no last minute save. 
    I wish all the actors who I have loved so much on AMC the best.  I want them all to be there in Pine Valley when January comes around.  I, for one, am ready willing and able to watch AMC no matter where they go.  As long as there is a show, I’ll find a way to watch it. 

  • OH BOY! Are they ever testing our PATIENCE???????? Thank goodness,I have the patience of JOBE…(sp?)     Wonder how long it will last?

  • My days are not the same without  All my Children ” Can’t say if I’ll watch the on line version alot of the actors signed on with other shows:(

  • ABC U Suck!!!!

  • I prefer it on tv.But,I guess we’ll have to go with the flow.How much is this going to cost us ????

  • I prefer it on tv.Guess we’ll have to go with the flow.How much is this going to cost us ???

  • not everyone  can go online

    • My2Cents2

      Not everyone can stay on TV

  • Anonymous

    I just hope that everyone will be returning. It just will not be the same without everyone.  Does anyone know if Susan Lucci will be back?  This is really heartbreaking.  TVis so much better,  What happens if the Internet site goes down or crashes because so many loyal viewers are trying to watch?  I guess it  this might be considered…”The sign of the times!”

  • Blaze