EXCLUSIVE! ‘DAYS’ Co-EP Greg Meng on Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until September 26 to Tune Back In

Thomas A. Montalto/MontaltoPhotos.com

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — along with were named Co-Executive Producers of NBC’s “” on Tuesday, June 14, when the series released the first set of changes hitting the soap after the hiring of new head writers and . While the writing duo shared with Soap Opera Network what fans could expect from the soap when their material hits the airwaves starting Monday, September 26, Meng took the time to tell viewers why they should continue tuning in before that day comes.

“There are surprises even coming up very soon on the show, so don’t wait until September 26, which is the big revitalized relaunch of the show, but there are surprises between now and then,” said Meng, who also discussed those “mini-plots” you’ve been seeing on your screens since Monday, August 1 (Please Note: This interview took place on Thursday, July 28) and what exactly caused the show to make such drastic changes just a few short months ago both on and off screen.

For more from our interview with Greg Meng, tune into the clip below.

  • I hope they aren’t going to shy away from the Gay storyline like was posted yesterday.

  • Sue

    I’d be interesting in how Days is going to do the story arcs with 5 couples and keep everyone on screen at some pace long term. Peter Reckell had to disappear for 6 weeks in the middle of his storyline in April/May 2010 because they did not want to pay him over his guarantee. After that Bo and Carly were backburnered for …well I don’t think they ever got back on the burner. So, question to the producers would be is that issue resolved? Don’t see how Bope and Jarlena could be in a 6month story arc. Someone would have to disappear for a few months. They brought back Patch and Kayla a few years ago and only used them for May sweeps. After than there were not seen the rest of the year. Have they worked out all of those scheduling issues?

    • From what I’ve read, they’re now shooting scenes only every other week, not throughout the whole year (holidays included) what they had been doing in recent years. That saves a lot of money and hopefully guarantees that the vets get a lot of screen time.