Bravo Respond’s to ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ Rumors

    on Friday, August 26, 2011 @ 5:37 PM

    NBC Universal

    Last Friday, I had stated on my personal Twitter account that I had been hearing reports that “” and “” might be heading to as a part of a cable deal with , which is reportedly looking for a cable network to supplement costs for its online network debuting in January 2012. Although it’s taken longer than expected to get an official response from Bravo, a spokesperson has stated that “these are all just rumors.”

    • Anonymous

      personally I think Bravo is too “reality show” oriented for the Soaps; would rather see them on USA or another cable channel (a SOAP channel?). But I don’t care who takes them, as long as they are back on television, and SOON!!!

    • Heavenly Seventy

      Hoping that someone picks them up. Regardless I will not be watching anything on ABC anymore. I’m done with them.

    • Heavenly Seventy

      Can’t comprehend why Disney would put lame shows on in the replacement of Iconic Soaps. Just doesnt make sense. My family is gonna continue boycotting them.

      • John

        i agree. I mean really The Chew … ewwwww  give me a break.   

    • nick price

      This is great news for soap operas 

    • My2Cents

      I was just thinking yesterday, how popular Bravo has become.
      It would be a great fit. They have reality at night, and soaps day.
      I pray it works out!

    • Jill Carter

      i think Bravo is a  network

      • My2Cents

        It is a network.

      • Catherine Climpson

        Of course it’s a network; it is channel 40 in Canada.

    • John

      whenever they say “it’s only a rumor”… it’s usually true.