A Closer Look at the Horton Town Square on ‘Days of our Lives’

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( — On Monday, September 26, “” introduces a new era of drama when new co-head writers and take over. On that day, citizens of Salem gather together for the launch of the new that will house restaurants, boutiques and an even a book store.

According to a “DAYS” representative, the Horton Town Square will include the following locations:

  • Sherman’s Sporting Goods
  • Hourglass Fine Hour Decor
  • Janet’s Boutique
  • Mandalay Cafe
  • The Mighty Pen Stationary, Gifts, & Crafts
  • Salem Books 

For the novice in you,you’ll notice the series paying homage to the Hourglass that has helped define the soap for nearly 46-years. Meanwhile, Sherman’s Sporting Goods sounds like a take off from the popular Sherman Oaks section of Los Angeles, while the Mandalay Cafe sounds a little like the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. We’re also glad to know that our favorite Salemites do indeed still read books, despite the immediate availability through Amazon’s Kindle or Apple’s iPad/iPhone devices. We know some drama will have to be going down there at some point. No one just reads books as  it is still a soap after all.

For more on the news set, check out the gallery below:

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  • dmack23

    September 26th needs to gett here cant wait to see Salem filled with fan favorites and new places those dispensable characters like Melanie,Daniel,Rafe,Gabi need to be on the chopping block too

  • My mom and her best friend are really happy that Days is bringing back some of their fave people.   They’ve been watching since Days premiered… hope the new writers can bring back the old fans and generate new ones, especially now that it will be re-run on the soap channel in prime time. 

  • kathy

    bring back the ACTORS from long ago… and keep them here..:) do what U have to do to do it… its not the same with out them…they MAKE *DAYS*….

  • donna

    i have been watching days since i was 3 with my aunt and im now 41 and i just love days the writters are awsome and the new ones are good but the old ones are the best just my oppion and i am glad as well that they have brought back some old characters it has been a pleasure to see them a gain and i agree with kathey they make days