How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

OLTL Video Sneak Peek: Monday, June 6, 2011

( — Here’s a glimpse at your next dose of Llanview drama with a sneak peek of the first few minutes of Monday’s episode of “One Life to Live,” courtesy of

Cops swarm Todd’s house. Roxy tries to boost Natalie’s spirits, while Marty has something to tell Todd. And John makes a surprising discovery.

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    GH Video Sneak Peek: Monday, June 6, 2011

    ( — Here’s a glimpse at your next dose of Port Charles drama with a sneak peek of the first few minutes of Monday’s episode of “General Hospital,” courtesy of

    Shawn gets physical with Jax. Carly tries to keep the peace. And Brenda tries to convince Sonny to allow Jason to take over the business.

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      Y&R Recap: Thursday, June 2, 2011

      Y&R Recap: Thursday, June 2, 2011

      ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Thursday, June 2, 2011.


      Victor sat down beside Nikki and told her that he wanted to be there for her. Embarrassed at what she had become, Nikki told him that she didn't want him to be there for her; she was ashamed and sorry for how she what she had become. Victor assured her that she would get better and that he would help her get to that place. He suggested that they head over to Victoria and Billy's to celebrate her birthday with them.

      At the house, Billy and Victoria tried to put on a brave face while setting up for Nikki's birthday celebration. When Victoria became slightly distant, Billy reassured her that everything would be fine. Nick arrived with flowers and asked Victoria what was bothering her; she admitted that she was missing Lucy. Nick was surprised to learn that Daniel and Lucy were no longer staying there. Billy informed him that Phyllis had violated the gag order by posting blogs on the company website about Lucy.

      Paul met Katherine at the hospital to get started on his search for Tucker's son. Katherine said she wasn't sure where they would even begin. Paul suggested they head to the one plae that Tucker could possibly have some information on his son if any. They headed to Tucker's place, unaware that Ashley was already there to get some of her belongings. She talked aloud to the picture of the two of them about Abby's actions got things so out of order. When she went into the bedroom, Katherine and Paul walked in. The two of them started to pinpoint on possible women that came and left Tucker's life. As the two talked about the possible age of Tucker's son, Ashley came out, wanting to know what they were talking about.

      Cane wanted his mother to understand why he wanted to pull back on their plans for Colin. He stressed that he couldn't bear to see what it was doing to Lily. Genevieve told her son that he was to keep quiet and not say a word to Lily about their plan. The two started talking on how Caleb came to town and ran into Cane, quickly taking his brother's place in order to fulfill his father's wishes to have the twins with him. She said she understood that he wanted to protect Lily, but Lily couldn't be trusted to keep quiet; already telling many of her seeing Cane. She commented that if she had come anytime sooner, she would have been talking to Cane from his tombstone.

      Colin and Jill, back with the twins from a trip to the zoo, talk on how much fun it was having them. Colin asked Jill if she would watch the twins for a bit while he took care of a few things. He was on his way to see Lily, who was at the facility talking to Devon. Devon told her he didn't realize just how bad things had gotten for her and was floored that she took it upon herself to check her own self into the hospital. She admitted that she was afraid that if she admitted to seeing Cane, she wouldn't be able to see him again in what she thinks are visions. Devon told her that she obviously knew something wasn't right for her to check into the facility. He hugged her and told her that she would be fine.

      Nikki arrived at Billy and Victoria's, with Victor by her side. He told them that she had something to share with them. There, they learned that she was still drinking and that Victor was helping her get into a rehabilitation clinic. Victoria and Nick were proud that their mother was going to get help and fight her addiction; Nick, in turn was even more surprised that Victor was there by her side to help. Nikki shared how grateful she is to Victor being there by her side.

      Colin arrived at the facility to see how Lily was doing. He handed her pictures of Mattie and Charlie that he took while they were on their trip to the zoo. Lily was thankful that Colin was being there for them while she was getting better. Colin made a comment about how the twins loved the koalas and kangaroos, and Lily stated that she would love for her babies to see where their father lived. Colin left an met up with a man who he hired to make passports for the twins. He stressed that he wanted them to look as authentic as possible because he wanted to make sure there was no hang ups when he took them out of the country for good.

      Katherine demanded to know why Ashley was at Tucker's home. Ashley explained that she was there to pick up some of her clothes Still not convinced on Ashley's innocence, Katherine told her that she was not to be anywhere near Tucker. A frustrated Ashley tried to talk to Katherine about how what happened was an accident but that only made Katherine more determined to keep her at bay. Paul commented that Ashley might be able to help them when it came to details about Tucker's unknown son. Ashley didn't have any information. Once again, Katherine told Ashley that she wanted Ashley nowhere near Tucker. When Ashley left, Paul and Katherine began going through some of Tucker's paperwork and found a ripped letter from the possible mother of his son. Paul quickly collected it to see if there could be any information collected off of the letter from the lab.

      Nikki enjoyed her birthday cake with the family and softly commented on how Billy really was trying his best to be there for her. Victoria admitted that he really was trying and knew that he loved her. Victor returned from his phone call with the facility and told Nikki that they needed to get her ready to go. When he stated that they would be taking the company jet, Nikki was surprised that Victor wanted to go with her. He assured her that he wanted to be there to make sure she was taken care of.

      Genevieve is pleased that Cane has agreed to continue with her plans. She does mention that she wasn't pleased to learn that after Cane went into hiding with a new identity, he had found a new mother figure in Jill.

      Katherine returned back to the hosptial to check in on Tucker. Ashley, who was already in the room, was talking to him about learning of his having a son, and how much she still loved him. When she leaned over to kiss him, the monitor started to buzz. She hurriedly called for someone to come help him.

      On the Next The Young and the Restless…

      • Victor assures Nikki that she will overcome her battle
      • Billy questions Victoria about their marriage
      • Ashley is arrested again
      • The Young and the Restless
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        Y&R Recap: Wednesday, June 1, 2011

        Y&R Recap: Wednesday, June 1, 2011

        ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, June 1, 2011.


        Victoria called Nikki to wish her a wonderful birthday. Not wanting her daughter to know where she was, Nikki lied and said she was pampering herself with a manicure and pedicure. She was really at the bar, debating on whether to order a drink. Instead she asked for a ginger ale. Victor arrived at Gloworm and spotted Nikki; he soon approached her and told her that he was confident that Abby wasn't the one driving the car the night Tucker got hit. Nikki believed otherwise.

        Back at Crimson Lights, Chloe vented to Kevin that Heather passed her case over to another lawyer. Kevin wanted Chloe to be sure that she wanted to seek sole custody of Delia. Chloe stated that with Billy doing things that could put their daughter in danger, she's going to do whatever to keep her away from it. Shortly after, Chloe's new lawyer, Landon Young arrived, ready to ask questions. Chloe filled her new attorney in about Billy's illegal adoption of Lucy. Landon wondered how her home life was and Chloe told him that she and Delia were staying at the Chancellor mansion. He assured her that her home enviroment was suitable for Delia.

        Daniel, now moved into the garage apartment above Billy and Victoria's, tells Victoria that he has to go do a few things and asks if she'd like to watch Lucy until he returned. She was more than happy to do so. He left and soon after, Billy and Rafe returned, sharing the news that the judge learned that it was Phyllis, not Billy, who violated the gag order, but made the promise that the Restless Style wouldn't be involved again in any further violations. Unfortunately for them, Phyllis decided to break into the website once again to write another blog in order to lure Daisy from hiding.

        Victor spotted the birthday pastry given to Nikki but before he could say much, Nikki told him he didn't have to go out of his way to get her a gift. Victor gave her one final warning, however about going on with her thoughts of Abby driving the car. Not wanting to listen any further, Nikki left Gloworm. When Victor wrapped up an important meeting, he decided to pay Nikki's bill.

        Shortly after Daniel returned back to the Abbott house, he had to run out again. Kevin soon arrived, wanting to know if it were alright if he held Lucy. Billy made comments but relented in letting him hold the baby. Billy soon received a text message, letting him know that another blog went up on the Restless Style magazine. Kevin managed to figure out that Phyllis was using password protection in order to get into the site. Rafe told Billy he needed to talk to the judge to let him know that he had nothing to do with the violation. When Daniel returned, he learned of what Phyllis did. Rafe told them that it wouldn't be in the best interest for Daniel to stay at the Abbott home; it would only risk his custody of Lucy. Daniel decided to move back to the loft.

        At the park, Nikki started drinking heavily. She soon decided to head to an AA meeting, where Deacon was talking to the group about how hard it was to work as a bartender, serving drinks to others, when he wanted to drink as well. Nikki walked in on his conversation and started to mock him. She took to the podium and told everyone how Deacon helped her fall off the wagon. She blamed him for her life being the way that it was and soon took those frustrations out on the group; telling them that going to AA was a waste of time After her drunken tirade, Nikki took off; Deacon not that far behind.

        Phyllis, still writing her blog was stunned when Victoria showed up, slamming her laptop shut. Victoria snapped that because of her blog, Daniel moved back home with Lucy. The red-head sneered that Victoria would never get Lucy. Before the bickering could get out of hand, Chloe told the two to cool it. Victoria huffed off and so did Phyllis: both at Daniel's door, attempting to buy his affections to get what they wanted. Daniel, however, wasn't interested in being pulled in either direction, and told both women that he and Lucy didn't need their company.

        Wanting to help Nikki, Deacon went to the ranch to try to talk to Victor. When Victor opened the door to him, he angrily shut it on him, but not giving up, Deacon knocked until her answered it. Deacon filled Victor in on what happened and told Nikki's ex to do whatever to take care of her. When Victor ushered Deacon out, Victor left and headed to the park, where he found Nikki.

        While Billy talked to a guy in IT to get the blog removed, he noticed a gambling link popping up on the screen. Meanwhile, Daisy fell for Phyllis's trap, showing the girl with a ticket headed back to Genoa City.

        On the Next The Young and the Restless…

        • Nikki admits to her family she needs help
        • Katherine and Ashley go another round
        • Katherine and Paul begin their search for Tucker's son
        • The Young and the Restless
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          AMC Recap: Thursday, June 2, 2011

          ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Thursday, June 2, 2011.


          Griffin becomes defensive after Ricky calls him out for being in love with Kendall. Cara tells her brother not to let Ricky get to him and questions if he can really leave town after all he’s gone through with Kendall. Griffin says he can. Cara doesn’t want him to go and tells Kendall as she might be the only one who can stop him from leaving. Kendall talks to Griffin and claims it’s because Cara really doesn’t want him to go.

          Madison reflects on the good times they shared but tells Scott that things between them won’t be the same anymore. Although both Scott and Ryan offer Madison their help she turns them both down, saying she must help herself this time. Frankie finds Madison going to her daughter’s grave so she can be close to her.

          Tad convinces the little girl Mackenzie’s father to remove his complaint against Cara so she can be reinstated. Allowing his personal feelings to get in the way, Jake is hesitant to rehire Cara. He asks Cara what her feelings are on working with him every day before he goes to bat for her with the hospital board. Instead of answering she throws the question right back at him. Amanda admits to Tad she lied about her birth control pills and he says she is her own worst enemy. Amanda questions what would happen if she was right to be paranoid about Jake and Cara.

          JR tells Bianca he is sorry for what she went through but thinks the upside to it all is that Marissa is allowing him to take care of her. When JR questions Scott on his relationship with Marissa, Scott tells him he thinks she’s too good for JR and will make sure she knows it. Marissa and Bianca share a moment which could be interpreted as romantic.

          On the Next All My Children…

          • Erica has an allergic reaction.
          • Krystal and Caleb seem to be growing closer.
          • Jesse tells Jake he thinks Tad has real feelings for Cara.


          • All My Children
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            OLTL Recap: Thursday, June 2, 2011

            OLTL Recap: Thursday, June 2, 2011

            ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Thursday, June 2, 2011.


            Tomas has spent the night watching Marty and passes the torch to Todd. Marty’s shocked to learn that Natalie’s still alive and refuses to believe it. When Todd leaves to get a newspaper to prove it, Marty vows to Liam that if Natalie isn’t dead, she will be soon. Unbeknownst to Marty, Natalie is at that very minute outside the pool house door.

            Tomas must cover with Blair.

            Natalie tells Brody she had a nightmare about her rooftop experience with Marty that makes her suspect the tape she had of Marty’s psychiatric session contains critical information. Meanwhile, Roxy finds the tape. John is affected when Roxy lets slip that Brody and Natalie shared a recent kiss.

            Joey tells Kelly he wants to be with her, but Kelly has no wish to be an afterthought.

            Ford finds Aubrey with his son and tells her he’s going to the judge with information about her relationship with Cutter and her fraudulent marriage to Joey. Aubrey warns that the judge still might not award custody to Ford. Ford is willing to take his chances, but knowing Ryder is what’s keeping her and Joey together, Aubrey offers another solution, allowing Ford generous visitation with his son. Ford takes Ryder off for the day, leaving Aubrey to explain to Joey.

            The man being held captive with Todd’s old face escapes.

            On the Next One Life to Live…

            • Marty is ready to take care of Natalie.
            • Ford takes Ryder back home.
            • John makes a surprising discovery.
            • One Life to Live
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              GH Recap: Thursday, June 2, 2011

              ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Thursday, June 2, 2011.

              IT HAPPENED TODAY…

              Carly witnesses Shawn in an uncharacteristic outburst with Patrick. Later, Jax arrives with incriminating evidence of Shawn’s dark past, and threatens to use it against Carly to prove her unfit for joint custody of Josslyn. Jax asks Robin then Olivia to help testify against Carly, but they refuse.

              Brenda and Alec walk into Sonny’s office, only to discover the dead body of the hit woman.

              Maxie sees through Lulu’s near-manic drive to redo the Haunted Star, reminding her that it won’t bring Luke back to Port Charles. Later, Tracy plans to sell the Haunted Star, in hopes it will keep Lulu from enabling Luke. Maxie confides in Matt her concern about Lulu’s codependency.

              On the Next General Hospital…

              • Sonny tries to reassure Brenda he will do everything in his power to keep her safe.
              • Lulu convinces Nikolas to invest in the Haunted Star, allowing her to revamp it for Luke’s return.
              • Shawn slugs Jax.


              • General Hospital
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                AMC Alerts: Week of June 6 Edition

                ( — “All My Children” DVR Alerts for the Week of June 6, 2011.


                • Monday: Will David discover Erica’s imposter? Erica appears to be getting closer to the henchman as he takes a liking to her. Jake is hit with memories of his past with Cara and the time she left him when they were overseas.
                • Tuesday: Griffin lays into Cara for almost sleeping with Jake. Tad convinces Cara to go back to work at the hospital. Greenlee struggles to keep her relationship with Ryan alive.
                • Wednesday: Jane and David make a deal. Madison decides to end things with Scott. Scott hits JR after he makes a sarcastic comment.
                • Thursday: Bianca admits to Kendall she is falling in love with Marissa. Cara tries setting up Griffin and Kendall. Liza wants to help get Griffin’s charges dropped.
                • Friday: Jackson becomes more alarmed by Erica’s behavior. Marissa wants Scott to move back in so he can be with family. Griffin shares good news with Kendall.
                • All My Children
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                  OLTL Alerts: Week of June 6 Edition

                  OLTL Alerts: Week of June 6 Edition

                  ( — “One Life to Live” DVR Alerts for the Week of June 6, 2011.

                  ONE LIFE TO LIVE: DVR ALERTS

                  • Monday: Shane gets back at Jack. Rama and Cristian get closer. Blair and Gigi don’t see eye-to-eye.
                  • Tuesday: Joey puts the screws to Todd about Marty’s disappearance. Cutter makes himself comfortable in his new home. Vimal learns what his wife his wife has been hiding.
                  • Wednesday: Starr and James share a romantic moment. Shane knowingly falls for Jack’s lies. Todd contemplates telling John the truth about Liam.
                  • Thursday: Viki takes drastic action to get Jessica back. Bo and Nora face an extremely difficult decision. Will Matthew be able to save his Uncle Clint?
                  • Friday: Clint makes a confession to Joey and Natalie. Gigi takes matters into her own hands. Could Destiny be carrying a constant reminder of her night with Matthew?
                  • One Life to Live
                  • Alerts

                    GH Alerts: Week of June 6 Edition

                    ( — “General Hospital” DVR Alerts for the Week of June 6, 2011.

                    GENERAL HOSPITAL: DVR ALERTS

                    • Monday: Lucky decides to track down Luke. Ethan discovers Maya in bed with another man. Shawn comes clean to Carly about his secret while serving in the military.
                    • Tuesday: Sam and Jason discuss whether he should leave the mob. Jason gets called to investigate a shipment. Dante and Lulu make love.
                    • Wednesday: Johnny help an unlikely ally. Matt helps out at Crimson, to Maxie’s delight. Spinelli daydreams of being a gumshoe.
                    • Thursday: Sam talks with Jason about his future in the mob. Michael discovers he was accepted to PCU, but there’s a bigger question at hand. Is Elizabeth losing her mind?
                    • Friday: Alexis and Sonny rush to stop Ethan and Kristina’s wedding. Dante challenges Jason about the example he is setting for Michael. Maxie tries to help Lulu see reason.
                    • General Hospital
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