How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


One Life to Live: May PreVUE

One Life to Live: May PreVUE

( — A quick peek into what’s happening in Llanview this May.


    Marty’s reign of terror leaves several lives in danger.


    Tomas gives Todd a serious warning.


    Cutter takes drastic action to hang on to his meal ticket.


    Joey realizes the obvious — finally.


    Clint tries to make things right.


    Matthew and Destiny share a special bond.
  • One Life to Live
  • May PreVUE

    General Hospital: May PreVUE

    ( — A quick peek into what’s happening in Port Charles this May.


      Three Port Charles denizens struggle with addiction.


      Will Johnny, Patrick & Robin put the pieces together about  Lisa before it’s too late?


      The specter of Jake’s loss threatens to break Elizabeth.


      Lulu embarks on a new career.


      Anthony works every angle in his efforts to unravel his enemies.


      Brenda and Carly share a surprising moment.
    • General Hospital
    • May PreVUE

      AMC Recap: Monday, May 2, 2011

      ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Monday, May 2, 2011.


      Scott’s upset when JR informs him that he plans on tearing down the gatehouse where Stuart once lived. Upset that JR would be destroying a piece of his father, Scott decides he’ll rebuild it on his own and makes that clear with Marissa standing right there. JR notices Marissa’s uncomfortable when talking to Agent Trumball about Tad and Cara’s marriage and invites her to move back into the mansion to avoid compromising herself again.

      Ryan learns that Ricky replaced a pastor who died suddenly and Kendall shudders at the possibility that Ricky killed the man. Griffin helps Kendall wire herself and reassures her that he’ll be listening with headphones on all that goes on. Kendall downplays the boys’ questions on whether Ricky is going to be their new daddy and she insists to Ricky that they take things slow.

      Greenlee gets a call from Emma’s school that’s she’s missing. Emma turns up at Fusion to see Madison after trying to get a cab to Oak Haven. Greenlee tells Madison she must stop dealing with Emma or Greenlee doesn’t stand a chance with her step-daughter. Greenlee takes things even further when she accuses Madison of using both Emma and her unborn child to stay in Ryan’s life because she still loves him. Madison defends herself and thinks Greenlee is the problem, not her. Ryan asks Greenlee to remarry him since Ricky is the one who married them the first time.

      On the Next All My Children…

      • Greenlee contemplates telling Ryan the truth that she knew about Madison’s pregnancy.
      • David taunts Greenlee about Ryan.
      • Jesse continues to struggle with the memories of his dead baby.


      • All My Children
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        OLTL Recap: Monday, May 2, 2011

        OLTL Recap: Monday, May 2, 2011

        ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Monday, May 2, 2011.


        Téa and Todd have an emotional reunion and then she explains he got shot. She calls in Dani, is outside with Nate/Shaun, and Dani is overjoyed. Téa asks if he remembers anything about the shooting. He’s interrupted when Starr and James come over and Starr has a moment with Todd. Meanwhile Blair and Tomas have been at Capricorn and they almost make love when Blair gets a call from Starr about Todd and they run to the hospital. While Blair goes in to see Todd, Tomas calls Calmar, alerting him that Todd’s up and he’s waiting to see what he has to say. Blair sends the four kids away and is out in the corridor with Tomas and Shaun, when Téa gets Todd to talk about what happened. He remembers the shooting, including seeing Tomas in the window.

        Natalie starts to play the psychiatrist’s tape and realizes it’s Marty’s, not Shane’s. She hears Marty say something about what she did to break up Natalie and John, but before she can listen further, Gigi and Rex come in, having changed their minds. Natalie tells them it’s Marty’s tape. They convince her not to listen further. Natalie offers to return the tape to the hospital but Rex doesn’t trust her not to listen to the tape. Natalie agrees, gives the tape to Rex to return. Marty kisses and tries to seduce John. John persuades Marty he just wants to take it slow. Marty nearly slips, saying something about how she wants to make him happy to make up for the baby he lost, but she covers.

        Deanna tells Starr and James that she’s not leaving Llanview because she has nowhere to go. She wants to look for a job and save money to pay the lawyer to find her birth mother.

        On the Next One Life to Live…

        • Todd blames Tomas for shooting him.
        • Ford threatens to have Tess committed.
        • Aubrey and Cutter’s remain at odds.
        • One Life to Live
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          GH Recap: Monday, May 2, 2011

          ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Monday, May 2, 2011.


          Brenda totally unravels with Lucian’s disappearance, accusing Sonny of not giving a damn about her son. Meanwhile, Dante works off of Sonny’s suspicions and questions Suzanne about the boy’s disappearance.

          Jason asks Sam what she wants to do about the fertility procedure.

          Michael and Abby continue to grow closer as Jason investigates Anthony for possibly setting Abby up for Brandon’s murder. Jason breaks into Johnny’s penthouse only to discover a suspicious woman in the doorway.

          With Kristina knocked out, Lisa gains unparalleled access to the Drake home.

          Upset over the intervention, Lulu takes comfort in Dante.

          On the Next General Hospital…

          • The identity of Lucian is revealed.
          • Jax threatens to take Carly to court to win custody of Josslyn.
          • Jason and Abby have a heart to heart about Michael.


          • General Hospital
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            Shameless Tess Turns to Wes for Llanview's Ladies

            ( — After more than 40 years on the air, you would think that “One Life to Live” had done nearly every storyline imaginable, no matter how outrageous, idiotic, or bizarre. But you would be wrong. Starting Wednesday, May 11, D.I.D. patient Jessica Brennan (Bree Williamson) displays an entirely new side to her personality. Fans are already familiar with party girl and wild child Tess and the refined, cold-blooded, methodical Bess, but Jessica’s latest alternate personality will leave a lot to be desired for female viewers.

            While two of the three men in her life are fighting over her, Tess begins to lose her cool. But instead of Jessica or even Bess regaining control, a new person, Wes, named after Brody’s (Mark Lawson) deceased former Navy Seal buddy, whom Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskell) had a fling with a few years back), takes charge. In the ensuing chaos, look for Wes to hit on some of Llanview’s female residents and act just like one of the boys.

            But how will Ford (David A. Gregory) react when he learns the mother of his child is now a man? Will Cutter (Josh Kelly) be able to coax Tess back out? And will Wes become mixed up in all of Marty’s craziness? Stay tuned to find out!

            • One Life to Live
            • Susan Haskell
            • Mark Lawson
            • David Gregory
            • Bree Williamson
            • Josh Kelly

              Y&R PreVUE: Week of May 2 Edition

              ( — A look at what's happening on "The Young and the Restless" during the week of May 2, 2011.


              Monday, May 2, Neil wants answers from Sofia about her pregnancy. That same day, Devon sticks his nose into Lily's business when she receives flowers. Olivia puts two and two together about Neil and Sofia. Nikki and Victor get into a heated exchange over their children. Michael refuses to give up on his search for Kevin. On Friday, May 6, Jana and Chloe face off with one another with dire consequences.

              The Inside Story: Jack and Diane Hit the Sheets
              Tucker continues to pressure Abby into selling her Newman shares to him. Fed up, Abby lashes out at him and calls Jack. He is estatic and ready to gloat when she sells her shares to him. He promptly heads to the Newman ranch to rub it in Victor's face. Before he arrives, Diane is busy whipping up another night of romance for the two of them. Their romantic evening is dashed though when Jack arrives. He proudly announces that Abby sold her stock to him. Victor, however, doesn't give Jack the reaction he is looking for. When he departs, however, Diane is the one that feels slighted by Victor when she offers to comfort him. With dinner ruined, and Diane angry that she's been ignored once again by Victor, she decides to find solace elsewhere. When she arrives at Jack's home, he is surprised to see her, but thinks she's there to talk about their son. Instead, she tells him that she wants the two of them to work together to put Victor in his place. Before he can take her up on her offer, she drops her coat to reveal her naked body to him, inviting him to have sex with her. Not passing up on the offer, Jack has sex with Diane.

              A Closer Look: Billy and Victoria Face Heartbreak
              A furious Chloe heads over to Billy's after learning of his buying Lucy through a blackmarket baby ring. After the two get into an argument, Chloe makes the decision to seek full custody of Delia. She talks to Heather, who initially doesn't want to help her; until she is filled in on Billy's buying Lucy. She takes the case. Meanwhile, after learning from Phyllis that Billy and Victoria are the parents of Daisy and Daniel's daughter, Michael tells Lauren. He fills her in further that Phyllis wants to seek custody of the baby. Lauren objects to his helping her. Tensions rise elsewhere between Phyllis and Daniel. Daniel wants to go forward in giving up rights to Lucy but Phyllis refuses to not have Lucy as a part of their family. Meanwhile, Rafe informs Billy and Victoria that despite them having Lucy or Daniel wanting to give up his rights; there is one parent that still has parental rights to Lucy: Daisy. He tells them both that they need to pray that it's not found out that Lucy was bought through a black market, since if learned, Child Protective Services could seize the child. Unfortunately, due to Chloe's informing Heather of Billy's deeds, the information is given and a social worker arrives to take the baby. Sadness turns to anger when Victoria lashes out at Billy for what he's done.

              What To Watch

              • A hug between Daniel and Lily is misunderstood
              • After a fight with Ashley, Abby refuses to attend
              • Cane and Lily share a kiss

              The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

              • Jenni Pulos, who stars on Bravo Network's Flipping Out will play Ashley and Tucker's wedding planner some time during May Sweeps.

              Y&R ALERTS: WEEK OF May 9, 2011

              • Victor and Nikki give in to one another
              • Disaster strikes when Abby goes to far to keep Ashley and Tucker from getting married
              • Blame falls at Kevin and Chloe's feet

              Y&R ALERTS BONUS: SPRING 2011

              • Jack continues to plot against Victor and gets an unlikely hand
              • Olivia gets tangled in the love triangle of Malcolm, Sofia and Neil
              • Ashley and Tucker take to hiring a wedding planner
              • Abby's determination to break up Tucker and Ashley have damaging consequences
              • The loss of Cassie continues to plaque Sharon
              • Sam and Sharon continue to grow closer
              • Cane's mother Genevieve to town seeking to avenge her son's death
              • Colin and Genevieve face off against one another
              • Victor’s marriage to Diane is on shaky ground
              • Victor is greatly naïve thinking that he’s truly pulled Nick from Diane
              • Phyllis strains her relationships when she seeks custody of Lucy
              • Daniel doesn't have his mother's back in her custody battle
              • Adam and Nick work together to clean up Sharon's reputation
              • Phyllis uses Restless Style as a tool to ruin Billy
              • Diane is none-too-pleased with Nikki and Victor's continuing closeness
              • Diane works hard to stay married to Victor no matter what
              • Sam's presence in Sharon's life could be some competition for Adam
              • Sharon will begin to think about finding a way in clearing her name and being with her family
              • The Young and the Restless
              • Genie Francis
              • Maura West
              • PreVUE
              • Emily O’Brien

                'Dating in the Middle Ages' Episode 1: A New Websoap Takes Flight

                ( — For many of you, "Dating in the Middle Ages" may not immediately come to mind when you think of the latest trend hitting the internet – the era of the web soaps, but it is possibly the most fun you'll get out of the non-traditional soap opera. In February, Soap Opera Network conducted a candid interview with creator and star of "Dating in the Middle Ages," Devin Mills, but before we present you with that interview, we thought we'd give you a glimpse at all the fun and crazy antics that will surely turn into a guilty pleasure.

                • Dating in the Middle Ages
                • Devin Mills

                  Celebrate Mother's Day on SOAPnet With Billionth Rerun of '90210'

                  ( — I'm sure you have better things to do with your life on Mother's Day than spending four hours with the teens at "Beverly Hills, 90210" from 20 years ago, but SOAPnet is airing the billionth marathon of the show on your mom's most important day (besides her own birth and the day you kicked yourself out of her). According to the departing cable network, viewers will be treated to four hours of programming featuring some of the most beloved (and not so beloved) mothers from the popular 90's FOX series. In fact, you can get a chance to revisit Brenda's bond with mom Cindy, Kelly's fights with her mother Jackie, and Steve's jealousy over Samantha. The block of programming begins Sunday, May 8 from 8:00 AM-12:00 PM ET/PT only on SOAPnet (which isn't saying much).

                  SOAPnet's Mother's Day Marathon Schedule

                  • 8AM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1991-006 – “Perfect Mom” – As The Mother/Daughter fashion show at school nears, Brenda is jealous of Kelly’s glamorous mom. However, when Jackie is high on drugs at the show and humiliates herself, Brenda learns to appreciate her own mother more.

                  • 9AM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1992-038 – “Chuckie’s Back” – Steve is angry when his old nemesis, Chuckie, who played his mother’s son on a TV show, starts making his life miserable at school. When Chuckie reveals he’s known for years that Steve is adopted, the tension between Steve and his mother escalates as well.

                  • 10AM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1992-040 – “Fire and Ice” – Brenda is crushed when the new boss she admires so much steals her sales at the store. Brenda and her mother then work together to give the boss a good dose of karma.

                  • 11AM – Beverly Hills 90210 Episode #1993–067 – “Midlife…Now What?” – Brenda and Kelly head to a spa with their mothers for a Mother/Daughter weekend and bring Donna and Andrea along. While there, Kelly discovers that her stepfather is cheating on her mother and has to tell her the painful truth.

                  In a press release issued to Soap Opera Network two days before the cancellations of "All My Children" and One Life to Live," SOAPnet claimed to "own" the world of character-driven soapy drama, from daytime and primetime dramas to reality shows and movies. The network features same-day episodes of popular daytime dramas including "All My Children," "Days of our Lives," "One Life to Live," "General Hospital" and "The Young and the Restless." Too bad not everyone seems to agree.

                  • SOAPnet
                  • Beverly Hills, 90210

                    ABC Confirms Postponed Demise of SOAPnet

                    ( — As we reported back on April 25, SOAPnet will not be handing over its valuable cable/satellite space to Disney Junior as soon as expected after a scathing report by revealed the incompetence of numerous Disney executives. Now an ABC representative has confirmed to Soaps in Depth that Deadline was in fact correct in their report, although they didn't touch the poor management issue.

                    Instead of launching in January 2012 as originally thought, SOAPnet Disney Junior is now expected to launch at some point in early 2012 as the Walt Disney Company begins signing new contracts with cable and satellite providers such as Comcast, Time Warner, Cox Communications, DirecTV and Verizon FiOS, just to name a few. The new deals would cover carriage agreements for powerhouses ESPN, Disney Channel, Disney XD, ABC Family and even the ABC Television Network now that it too receives re-transmission fees from cable and satellite operators (courtesy of its Owned & Operated stations).

                    With "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" now set to end prior to the departure of SOAPnet, what could the network possibly air in their place? According to the ABC rep, SOAPnet will "absolutely have programming" in place, but was unable to comment on which programs would replace the two iconic soaps. Sadly, it would most likely turn out to be the 260th marathon of reruns of "Beverly Hills, 90210," since that is what they'll be airing on Mother's Day (May 8).

                    What ever happened to reruns of the soaps that gave the network ratings in the first place?

                    • All My Children
                    • One Life to Live
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                    • DirecTV
                    • Soaps in Depth
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