How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


OLTL Alerts: Week of May 9 Edition

OLTL Alerts: Week of May 9 Edition

( — “One Life to Live” DVR Alerts for the Week of May 9, 2011.


  • Monday: Tess is arrested. Natalie learns what Marty is hiding. Cutter lays out his plan.
  • Tuesday: John ignores Natalie’s message. Kelly and Marty’s argument turns violent. Tess fights to keep control.
  • Wednesday: Natalie goes after Marty. Echo promises to settle the score with Viki and Dorian. John works to help Kelly.
  • Thursday: Marty’s wrath claims another victim. John makes a shocking discovery. Viki wants answers from Clint about his medical prognosis.
  • Friday: Liam is in trouble. Tomas encounters Todd. Brody is rendered unconscious.
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    GH Alerts: Week of May 9 Edition

    ( — “General Hospital” DVR Alerts for the Week of May 9, 2011.


    • Monday: Abby goes to Johnny for help to find the mysterious hit woman. Anthony talks of his legacy with Johnny. Siobhan accidentally discovers the truth about Aiden’s paternity.
    • Tuesday: Michael steps into Anthony’s web when he baits Abby. Robin and Patrick’s loving banter triggers a lethal idea in Lisa’s head. Lucky asks Jason not to take revenge on Luke.
    • Wednesday: Michael wonders if Kristina is having substance abuse problems. Will Siobhan tells Lucky the truth about Aiden’s paternity? Maxie discovers a ring in Matt’s pocket? Is he going to pop the question?
    • Thursday: With Spinelli’s help, Sonny and Dante track Suzanne to San Antonio. Brenda is furious over Carly’s involvement in her son’s rescue. Jason brings Sam home from the hospital.
    • Friday: Dante puts Sonny’s life in jeopardy. Elizabeth and Jason share a heartfelt moment over Josslyn. Jason tries to stop Jax from taking Josslyn.
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      ‘One Life’ May Casting Updates

      'One Life' May Casting Updates

      ( — The latest comings and goings for Llanview, Pennsylvania for the month of May and beyond.

      “One Life to Live” has put out an audition script for the recurring role of “Ionia,” whom we previously reported was described in a recent casting breakdown as a Caucasian woman in her 40s or 50s and a “beautiful, sexy, and confident actress hired to play Dorian Lord in a major movie.” The scene opens with Ionia telling “Esther” that she is glad that she made it, because she was afraid that people were about to recognize her. Esther apologizes, and says she must get back to the office, but wanted to check in with her first. Ionia says everything went perfectly, and that she could just picture the look on “Elizabeth’s” face, with her clenched jaw and everything. She goes on to remind Esther that, as an actress, she is trained to pay attention to these sorts of things. Esther states that she is glad to hear her say that. Ionia says that she could tell by Elizabeth’s reaction that she is beginning to doubt “Wyatt.” Esther praises her and says to keep up the good work. Ionia is flattered, but says that kissing Wyatt Bass is anything but hard work. As the scene ends, Esther tells Ionia that it is time to take things to the next level, to which Ionia replies that she is ready and can hardly wait to begin.

      The Patel family is about to get a little bigger. And no, we’re not talking about Rama’s fictitious little bundle of joy either. “One Life to Live” has just released audition scripts for the recurring roles of Vimal’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Patel. Both screens are mostly the same, and open with them visiting “Chandler” (remember that “OLTL tries to throw viewers off the trail by changing character names in these scripts). Chandler acts surprised to see them. “Mr. Patel” reminds him that he knew they were coming and said it was a rather long flight. Chandler nods in agreement, and says that he wasn’t expecting them until later. Mr. Patel tells him that his mother insisted they arrive at the airport extra early, which enabled them to catch an earlier flight to Llanview. The Patels seem very impressed at their surroundings and tell Chandler how great his office is. Mr. Patel tells his son how happy he sounded to be working at Statesville Industries when they talked over the phone and that he looks so happy now as well. He goes on ask about his wife “Shiva” and the baby they are expecting. Chandler tries to explain, which makes his father confused. Misinterpreting his son’s explanation, Mr. Patel thinks the baby will be a girl rather than a boy. As the scene ends, Chandler tells his parents that he doesn’t have time to reunite them with his wife at the moment because he has work to do. In response, his parents tell him that it is okay because they realize that he is a very busy man.

      Speaking of Vimal (Nick Choksi), look for him to receive some interesting news on Friday, May 27.

      The day before, on Thursday, May 26, Ilene Kristen pops up again as Llanview’s favorite drunk Roxy Balsom, when she takes matters into her own hands, and tries to handle a precarious situation as only Roxy can.

      On Wednesday, May 18, Austin Peck returns as smut peddler Rick Powers, when a certain something or someone gets under his skin and later tries to take advantage when a golden opportunity suddenly presents itself.

      Following conservations this week with Tomas (Ted King), Parisian gallery owner M. Claude Calmar (Matthew Conlon) turns up again on Tuesday, May 17.

      Determined not to give up until she gets the scoop on the identity of Eddie Ford’s real killer, WVL-TV Reporter Blanca Morales (Carolina Bermudez) continues to inch closer to the truth beginning Thursday, May 19. But will she find what she is looking for, or will her quest led to unintended consequences for several Llanview residents?

      Tamela Aldridge ends her run as Dr. Sabrina Buhari on Wednesday, May 18. But will the troubled shrink leave town of her own volition, or at all?

      Alters gone wild! With Tess running amuck for weeks on end, and Wes taking charge for a time starting next week, could a visit from Jessica’s gatekeeper personality Bess be far behind as well? But of course, which begs the question — Just where the hell is Jessica (Bree Williamson) and she is she ever coming back?

      Remember the recent audition script for “Patty,” a law student in a hamburger costume who gives legal advice to a guy in a hotdog costume? Yeah, only in Llanview. Anyway, look for that scene to play out in the coming weeks as well.

      Diana Bologna appears as a Nurse on Friday, May 13.

      Shenell Edmonds (Destiny) has posted her upcoming May airdates on her Facebook. They include the 16, 18, 19, 23, 27, and 31.

      David A. Gregory (Ford) has posted his May airdates as well. They include the 6, 17, 24, 25, and 31.

      Kassie DePaiva commented on her Facebook page Wednesday that she “Worked today. Had great scenes with Micheal Easton… Was wonderful to see Roger today. I hope Blair gets to cross paths with that Todd. Keep watching OLTL… Keep telling your friends and family to watch too. One Life is worth it!!!!!”

      Kristen Alderson tweeted Tuesday that “I saw Roger Howarth! I couldn’t be more excited that he’s back!”

      And Nafessa Williams (Deanna) tweeted Tuesday that she was “Headed to work for a fun day of filming.”



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        Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 4, 2011

        Y&R Recap: Wednesday, May 4, 2011

        ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, May 4, 2011.


        Ashley is upset that she and Abby had their fight. She shares the results with Tucker, who shares with her on going to see Jack about partnering up since he has acquired her stock. Ashley figures that Jack is going to make Tucker wait it out. Ashley voices her concerns regarding Abby, to which Tucker blows off as a mere temper tantrum. The soon-to-be Mrs. McCall tells him that she wants her daughter at their wedding. Meanwhile, an upset Abby is wondering why Daniel hasn't returned her phone call.

        At the cemetery, Daniel and Lily are talking when Devon slinks on over, convinced that the two are seeing one another. Both Lily and Daniel are honest in telling him that nothing is going on between the two of them, but become annoyed when Devon keeps pressing that both of them have something to hide. Lily tells Devon that he needs to stop being ridiculous with his assumptions; pointing out that Daniel is only a support system for her when dealing with her feelings about Cane. A rather pesky Devon believes otherwise.

        Diane and Victor are planning on having a romantic evening with one another when Jack shows up. Sauntering in, he makes it a point to rub it in his face about owning Newman stock. Too bad for Jack, Victor laughs in his face and tells him that he only assumes he's going to be 'running things'. Jack continues to goad him but leaves when Victor dismisses him.

        Tucker tells Ashley that she can't beat herself up over Abby's childish attitude toward him. Ashley continues to worry about Abby's feelings about the two of them getting married. Back at Gloworm, a buzzed Abby vents her problems to Deacon. She gushes on about Daniel but her gushing about him turns into snipping about how he is always there for Lily whenever she needs him. Deacon tells her if she wants to work out whatever problems she has, she needs to do it head on. Taking his advice, she decides to call Lily, requesting that she meet her.

        Diane tries to console Victor, but he blows her off. Getting angry, Diane wants to know why he can't open up to her about his feelings about his own children. Victor continues to disregards her. She tries another approach by going forward with a quiet evening with him. When he tells her that it's not a good time, a frustrated Diane tells him that she's going out to a movie.

        Jack runs into Nikki at The Athletic Club. He takes his turn in gloating with her about Abby selling him her stock. She lights into him when she finds out that he purposely left out the fact that Abby was pressured by Tucker to sell to him during his conversation with Victor. A smug Jack leaves her frustrated, headed over to kiss major butt with Tucker to work together to bring Victor down. Jack spins a new deal with him, but Tucker passes up his little offer. Ashley, fed up with Jack's antics, tells Tucker it's time she has a talk with her brother.

        Lily, Devon and Daniel all arrive at Gloworm to witness a drunk Abby rant on about how Lily was so quick to arrive to talk to her. When she learns that Daniel was with her, she snaps about how the two of them were together at the time she needed him when it came to dealing with Tucker. She tells Daniel that she doesn't want to him but rather talk to Abby. When the two go off to talk, Devon continues to blabber on about Daniel playing two women. At a table alone, in the meantime, Abby starts to belittle Lily and how she is such a 'wonderful' person, overcoming so much. Lily listens on as a drunk Abby demands that she tell her if she wants to have Daniel for herself. When Daniel arrives to try to console Abby, she breaks down into tears, insistent that he's picking Lily over her. After making a fool of herself in front of everyone, Devon promptly escorts her out.

        Nikki shows up at the ranch to talk to Victor. Realizing that he is alone, she asks if she can come in. Victor invites her inside. She tells him the real reason why Abby sold her stock to Jack. Despite it being solely about Tucker, Victor becomes furious and lashes out that nobody treats him the way that they do without facing the consequences. Nikki in turn lectures him for turning his back on his family over every single thing that is done. The two calmly talk things over, unaware that Diane has returned, listening in. She becomes pissed when Nikki accomplishes what she has failed in; getting Victor to open up about his family. She watches in disgust as the two hug.

        Ashley voices her annoyance with Jack and his constant disrespect for her relationship with Tucker. She tells him about Abby's behavior and how she refuses to come to the wedding. She begs Jack to be peacemaker in order to get Abby to be in her wedding. Jack balks at being in the middle until Ashley pleads with him to talk to Abby in being there when she needs her family the most.

        Diane finds herself on Jack's doorstep. He wants to know why she's there. She tells Jack she wants to get even with Jack, and wants him to help her. Jack asks what could she possibly have in mind. Dropping her coat, she reveals her naked self to him, saying he can give it to Victor by giving it to her. Jack hurries himself over to her, ready to have sex.

        On the Next The Young and the Restless…

        • Jana becomes angry when she thinks Kevin has tricked her.
        • Chloe realizes just how much damage has been done thanks to her custody case.
        • Phyllis wants certain needs met between Billy and Victoria regarding Lucy.
        • The Young and the Restless
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          AMC Video Sneak Peek: Thursday, May 5, 2011

          ( — Here’s a glimpse at tomorrow’s Pine Valley drama with a sneak peek of the first few minutes of Thursday’s episode of “All My Children,” courtesy of

          Krystal stands up for Jackson and Bianca. Madison and Scott have an intimate encounter. And Erica’s kidnapper pokes her with a needle

          • All My Children
          • Sneak Peek

            OLTL Video Sneak Peek: Thursday, May 5, 2011

            ( — Here’s a glimpse at tomorrow’s Llanview drama with a sneak peek of the first few minutes of Thursday’s episode of “One Life to Live,” courtesy of

            Dorian confronts Echo. Charlie learns of Echo’s deception. And Starr shares her concerns about Deanna with James.


            • One Life to Live
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              GH Video Sneak Peek: Thursday, May 5, 2011

              ( — Here’s a glimpse at tomorrow’s Port Charles drama with a sneak peek of the first few minutes of Thursday’s episode of “General Hospital,” courtesy of

              Luke invites Ethan out for drinks. Liz and Lucky discuss Aiden. And Sam decides to have a fertility procedure performed at the hospital.


              • General Hospital
              • Sneak Peek

                AMC Recap: Wednesday, May 4, 2011

                ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Wednesday, May 4, 2011.

                IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                Opal tells Krystal to back off Jackson. Krystal claims she was just consoling him and doesn’t think he will find happiness with Erica. Jackson reports that Erica received his email video but so far no response. He has a feeling something more might be going on with Erica. Meanwhile, Erica wants to respond to Jack’s video but the captor won’t allow it and insists she eat. Erica refuses and fakes passing out.

                Jesse tells Angie he was hesitant with Lucy because he had a lot on his mind. Liza sees Jesse talking aloud in the park but doesn’t see the gravesite he’s at or hear what he’s saying.

                Jake tells Angie that he and Amanda have put on hold for now their plans to have another child but when Amanda mentions to Angie she’s trying to conceive, Angie realizes they’re on two different pages. Angie warns Amanda against having a baby without Jake being on board and stresses that secrets in a marriage are poison. Cara overhears Tad talking to Jake and when she finds out that the little girl whose parents yelled at her wants to see her she insists on going.

                Ryan confronts Greenlee over keeping the truth about Madison’s pregnancy from him. She apologizes and hopes they can get past this but Ryan doesn’t see how they can go back to the way things were. David tells Liza that it’s up to her if she wants to stop what’s going on between them but says he’s having fun.

                On the Next All My Children…

                • Madison and Scott make love.
                • Krystal comes to Jackson and Bianca’s defense when they are bombarded by a reporter.
                • Erica’s captor sticks her with the needle.


                • All My Children
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                  OLTL Recap: Wednesday, May 4, 2011

                  OLTL Recap: Wednesday, May 4, 2011

                  ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Wednesday, May 4, 2011.

                  IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                  When Todd hears that Starr’s distressed about James’s ex being in town, Todd wants to take action to get rid of her. Starr appreciates his offer, but doesn’t accept. Todd receives a mysterious and troubling phone call.

                  Dorian informs Viki that she gave Niki a tape that Viki really must hear. Viki locates the tape and listens to evidence that Echo knew Charlie wasn’t Rex’s father all along. Meanwhile, Echo confronts Clint about that tape. He spills all about Dorian’s part in procuring it. She rushes off to find Viki – only to learn that Viki is on her way to see Charlie with proof of her deception.

                  Cutter agrees to help Tess. Brody finds out that Tess attacked Ford then vanished. Ford has an idea of where she might be. They arrive at Cutter’s room.

                  Nora and Matthew are stunned to learn that Bo knew about Clint’s heart attack yesterday. Bo seems uncaring – until Nora convinces him that it’s okay to care. Bo visits Clint at and Clint tells him he’s dying. Destiny tells Blanca to stop accusing Nora of killing Eddie Ford. Blanca extracts info about Matthew from Destiny. Destiny realizes Blanca is insinuating that Matthew killed Eddie Ford. She goes to Matthew with this news.

                  On the Next One Life to Live…

                  • Tess has shocking news for Ford.
                  • Destiny gives Matthew her support.
                  • Bo has mixed emotions about Clint.
                  • One Life to Live
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                    GH Recap: Wednesday, May 4, 2011

                    ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Wednesday, May 4, 2011.

                    IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                    Lulu comes face to face with Luke, managing to stick to her guns post intervention. Tracy locks Luke out of the Haunted Star, and Luke seeks legal representation from Alexis to regain his life.

                    Nikolas offers to help Siobhan with her visa to avoid the green card marriage fiasco. Siobhan takes Lucky to a romantic cabin in attempts to distract him from the loss of both Jake and now Luke and they decide to get married. Elizabeth returns to work, only to be haunted by visions of Jake.

                    Hoping to avoid the hospital for Elizabeth’s sake, Steve spends the afternoon at Olivia’s – and they make love.

                    Diane searches for Spinelli’s secret case files when Spinelli discovers her. Angry, he forbids her from pursuing what he wishes to keep buried in the past. After having a noir fantasy, Diane asks Dante to help uncover Spinelli’s mystery.

                    On the Next General Hospital…

                    • Luke invites Ethan to a drink. What will he do?
                    • Elizabeth decides to tell Lucky the truth about Aiden.
                    • Sam goes to General Hospital for the procedure.


                    • General Hospital
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