How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

GH Recap: Monday, May 9, 2011

( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Monday, May 9, 2011.


Sonny and Dante come up with a plan to bust Suzanne at her own game, but Brenda takes matters into her own hands and goes on national television.

Siobhan accidentally discovers the truth about Aiden’s paternity as Lucky and Jason have a heart to heart about Jake on what would have been his 4th birthday.

Post-operation, Jason and Sam spend quality time together as she rests.

After Michael unsuccessfully tries to argue Abby out of confessing to Brandon’s murder, Abby goes to Johnny for help to find the mysterious hit woman. Anthony talks of his legacy with Johnny. Carly stumbles upon Anthony confronting Michael.

On the Next General Hospital…

  • Michael steps into Anthony’s web when he baits Abby.
  • Robin and Patrick’s loving banter triggers a lethal idea in Lisa’s head.
  • Lucky asks Jason not to take revenge on Luke.


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    ABC Daytime Sets Memorial Day Schedule

    ( — On the last Monday of every May, a date officially known as Memorial Day, the people of the United States of America remember and celebrate U.S. soldiers who died while in military service. Over the past several years, ABC Daytime has rested new programming on Memorial Day – the unofficial start of summer – and aired encore presentations in their place. Despite two of the three ABC soaps set to cease production in the next several months, 2011 will be no different.

    The following is a list of the encore presentations chosen to air for “All My Children,” “One Life to Live” and “General Hospital” on May 30, 2011:

    • All My Childrenwill air an episode originally aired on October 17, 2008. Zach barely cheats death when his car is swept up in the tornado. After making it back to the now destroyed beach house, Zach makes a surprising discovery as he frantically searches for a missing Kendall. Ryan and Greenlee take shelter in a shed. Aidan fears the worst when he finds the gazebo demolished but soon spots Greenlee and Ryan together in the shed and can’t help but notice the connection between them. Aidan survives another twister roaring through the area but sees that the shed is now nothing but rubble. At the Comeback, JR and Babe decide to stage an impromptu wedding to entertain the scared kids. Tragedy strikes when a tornado rips through the Comeback. A wall of fallen rocks block Adam and Erica’s escape from the tunnels as their air supply begins to dwindle. Colby comes to Pete’s aide when the terrace door is blown in by the storm. Annie desperately searches for Emma.


    • One Life to Livewill air an episode that originally aired on April 15, 2011. Dorian sees Access Llanview and gets whipped into a frenzy that charges against Clint have been dropped. Bo confronts Clint. Phyllis, on TV, says she’s about to drop a Buchanan bombshell. Clint goes to Rex to find out how Shane is doing but they end up in a huge fight with Rex resenting Clint’s suddenly caring when he did so much to reject Rex. Clint is horrified to learn Shane tried to commit suicide. Cristian visits Natalie to let her know that Marty is still carrying around her DNA test results. She tells Cris about her ending things officially with John. Phyllis mentions Cristian was seen with Rama at the prison. Marty asks John if he could change things and it turned out the baby was really his, would he forgive Natalie? Rama and Nigel indulge together in their mutual love of Phyllis Rose. But Rama is horrified when the item about her and Cristian airs.


    • General Hospitalwill air an episode that originally aired on February 25, 2011. In the aftermath of the explosion following Sonny and Brenda’s wedding, everyone is reeling from what just happened. Sonny, Robin, Edward and Jax are beside themselves with grief, anger and hock believing Brenda has been killed. Ethan ushers Kristina, Molly and Morgan home away from danger. Michael is the only one who can calm his father down. Jason worries that the Balkan’s intentions don’t add up. Jason gets a call from Franco and Sonny discovers that the body is not who they think it is. Lulu arrives outside of the Archer Pavilion to comfort Dante after the tragedy, despite her feelings of betrayal.
    • All My Children
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    • General Hospital
    • Memorial Day

      AMC Teasers: Week of May 9 Edition

      AMC Teasers: Week of May 9 Edition

      ( — “All My Children” Teasers for the Week of May 9, 2011.

      ALL MY CHILDREN: Teasers

      • Monday: (Episode #10617) — Jake passes out. Ricky and Kendall get physical. Opal listens to Amanda’s problems. (Rated: TVPG D, V)
      • Tuesday: (Episode #10618) — Tad makes a confession to J.R. about Cara. Ricky plans to elope with Kendall. Marissa stands up for Bianca. (Rated: TV14 D)
      • Wednesday: (Episode #10619) — Jack plants a kiss on Krystal. David is interested in Greenlee. Erica tries to get help. (Rated: TVPG)
      • Thursday: (Episode #10620) — Madison and Greenlee discuss Scott. Madison suffers stomach pains. Erica’s capture lashes out at her. (Rated: TVPG)
      • Friday: (Episode #10621) — Griffin enters Ricky’s room. Caleb and Jack get a clue in their search for Erica. Asher, Caleb, and Jack are caught in an explosion. (Rated: TVPG L, V)
      • All My Children
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        OLTL Teasers: Week of May 9 Edition

        OLTL Teasers: Week of May 9 Edition

        ( — “One Life to Live” Teasers for the Week of May 9, 2011.

        ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Teasers

        • Monday: (Episode #10928) — Brody has Tess arrested. Natalie is shocked by what she hears on Marty’s therapy session tape. Cutter explains his plan. (Rated: TVPG L, S)
        • Tuesday: (Episode #10929) — John fails to heed Natalie’s voicemail message. Kelly and Marty’s fight takes a frightening turn. Jessica and her alters struggle for control — but who will win? (Rated: TVPG L)
        • Wednesday: (Episode #10930) — Natalie confronts Marty. Echo promises revenge on Viki and Dorian. John works to save Marty’s life. (Rated: TVPG V)
        • Thursday: (Episode #10931) — Marty’s reign of terror continues. John is horrified by what he finds. Viki forces Clint to tell her the truth. (Rated: TVPG V)
        • Friday: (Episode #10932) — Liam could be in danger. Tomas encounters Todd. Brody is attacked. (Rated: TVPG V)
        • One Life to Live
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          GH Teasers: Week of May 9 Edition

          GH Teasers: Week of May 9 Edition

          ( — “General Hospital” Teasers for the Week of May 9, 2011.

          GENERAL HOSPITAL: Teasers

          • Monday: (Episode #12301) — Siobhan makes a discovery regarding Aiden. Abby needs Johnny’s help. Anthony discusses his legacy with Johnny. (Rated: TVPG L)
          • Tuesday: (Episode #12302) — Lucky asks Jason not to try and settle the score with Luke. Robin and Patrick closeness angers Lisa. Michael gets caught up in Anthony’s web of lies. (Rated: TVPG L)
          • Wednesday: (Episode #12303) — Maxie discovers a ring in Matt’s pocket. Michael is worried about Kristina. Siobhan contemplates telling Lucky the truth. (Rated: TVPG L, S)
          • Thursday: (Episode #12304) — Suzanne is located. Brenda is upset. Sam is released from the hospital. (Rated: TVPG L)
          • Friday: (Episode #12305) — Elizabeth and Jason have a moment. Sonny finds himself in harm’s way. Jason tries to keep Jax from going near Josslyn. (Rated: TVPG L, V)
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            Y&R First Look: Genie Francis as Genevieve Atkinson and Daniel Goddard as NOT Cane

            ( — After CBS posted your first look at Genie Francis as Genevieve Atkinson on the networks daytime drama "The Young and the Restless," while she conducted a photo shoot with on-screen son and co-star Daniel Goddard, publications are now giving you the opportunity to see the actress in her first scenes! The question that has everyone wondering, however, is what is Goddard doing in the image? After all, his character, Ethan 'Cane' Ashby, was murdered in February and his wife has been grieving his loss while seeing what appeared to be his ghost. Soap Opera Network has your answer.

            Before Francis marks her "Y&R" debut on Friday, May 27, fans will learn that Cane has a twin brother and his name is Caleb. The soap opera twist will be revealed in the Thursday, May 26 episode of the drama series, which also marks the full-time return of Goddard to the "Y&R" cast. Anyone who ever doubted the actor's job was on the line can now breathe a sigh of relief.

            As we had been told all along by sources, "the storyline is all part of a master plan by the writers and fans should continue to tune in to find out what happens next!"

            • The Young and the Restless
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            • Daniel Goddard

              Y&R PreVUE: Week of May 9 Edition

              ( — A look at what's happening on "The Young and the Restless" during the week of May 2, 2011.


              The death of Jana puts Kevin and Chloe in the hot seat with authorites wanting to know exactly what happened. On Monday, May 9, Sharon is scared when she learns that the police officer that pulled her over is one of Sam's good friends. That same day, Adam and Nick have it out with DA Walsh when they learn that Sharon's death was flagged as suicide. Victor threatens to fire Michael if he continues to help Phyllis in the custody battle for Lucy. Despite the continuing problems with Abby, Ashley and Tucker continue to plan their wedding, Tuesday, May 10. Phyllis and Nick are on opposite sides where Lucy Abbott is concerned, on Wednesday, May 11. On Friday, May 12, Diane decides to set a plan in motion.

              The Inside Story: Abby's Downward Spiral
              Wanting to continue work on The Naked Heiress, Kent decides to make plans with Abby. They plan to have Abby doing a little strip tease at Gloworm but unfortunately, the strip tease takes a bad turn. Ashley and Tucker arrive and it's another round between the three of them. Drunk Abby decides to speak her mind about Tucker McCall and Tucker, in turn, gives her a lecture about her bratty attitude. She blows his words off, telling him that she doesn't need another father in her life Turning her attentions on Ashley, Abby decides to throw his tryst with Diane in her face. During their arguement, Tucker realizes that everything has been caught on a cell phone. He takes it and destroyes it. Soon after, Abby is taken down to the police station to be booked. A bitter Abby continues to belittle her mother, which gets her a slap in the face. Not wanting to let her hatred toward Tucker go, Abby decides that she's going to get even with him. Little does she know, she's headed for a collision course of disaster.

              A Closer Look: Victor and Nikki's Closeness Pushes Diane Out
              After a night of sex with Jack, Diane opens up about her marriage to Victor. Jack tells her if she wants to know anything, she needs to confront and talk to Victor. Meanwhile, Victor and Nikki are on the telephone talking about Victoria. When Diane arrives, she overhears and decides to once again try to get Victor to open up to her. When he rudely dismisses her questions about Victoria, Diane departs. Shortly after, Nikki shows up at the ranch, sharing how grateful she is to Victor being there for Victoria. The two start to talk and soon enough, they both find themselves closer than expected. Victor and Nikki head upstairs to his bedroom and have sex. Meanwhile, Diane returns home and heads upstairs to the bedroom. Peering inside, she is shocked to see Victor and Nikki once again having sex with one another. Not missing an opportunity to use what she's seeing to her advantage, Diane takes a quick picture with her cell phone and splits. As Victor and Nikki are in bed, she begins to worry about what's going on between the two of them. She quickly gets dressed and is set to leave, despite Victor's requests for her to stay with him. After Nikki has left, Diane arrives again at the ranch, not revealing what she had seen earlier. Victor tells Diane that the two of them shouldn't have gotten married and requests that they get it annulled. Even though she agrees, Diane has a possible ace up her sleeve.

              What To Watch

              • Traci heads home for her sister's wedding
              • Adam rubs it in Nick's face that Sharon gave him her home
              • Abby's actions result in tragedy

              The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

              • Jerry Douglas begins taping Monday, May 9 as the ghost of John Abbott.
              • Adrian Alvarado plays Marco, Sam's friend on Monday, May 9
              • Jonas Fisch plays Kent on Monday, May 9 and Thursday, May 12
              • James MacDonald plays Det. Matthews on Monday, May 9
              • Kelley Birney plays a foster mom on Friday, May 13
              • Jenni Pulos, who stars on Bravo Network's Flipping Out will play Ashley and Tucker's wedding planner some time during May Sweeps.

              Y&R ALERTS: WEEK OF May 16, 2011

              • Abby's car crash has lives hanging by a thread
              • Sofia gets in a confrontation with Katherine
              • Colin's true purpose is revealed

              Y&R ALERTS BONUS: SPRING 2011

              • Jack continues to plot against Victor and gets an unlikely hand
              • Olivia gets tangled in the love triangle of Malcolm, Sofia and Neil
              • Chloe may be fighting Billy for custody, but her own legal drama could be Billy's saving grace
              • As Billy and Victoria fight hard to keep their daughter, Phyllis and Kevin pose a problem at every turn
              • The loss of Cassie continues to plaque Sharon
              • Sam and Sharon continue to grow closer
              • Cane's mother Genevieve to town seeking to avenge her son's death
              • Colin and Genevieve face off against one another
              • Victor’s marriage to Diane is on shaky ground
              • Victor is greatly naïve thinking that he’s truly pulled Nick from Diane
              • Phyllis strains her relationships when she seeks custody of Lucy
              • Daniel doesn't have his mother's back in her custody battle
              • Adam and Nick work together to clean up Sharon's reputation
              • Phyllis uses Restless Style as a tool to ruin Billy
              • Diane is none-too-pleased with Nikki and Victor's continuing closeness
              • Diane works hard to stay married to Victor no matter what
              • Sam's presence in Sharon's life could be some competition for Adam
              • Sharon will begin to think about finding a way in clearing her name and being with her family
              • The Young and the Restless
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                Dating in the Middle Ages

                ( — If you liked what you saw in the debut episode of "Dating in the Middle Ages," you'll love what happens next in Episode 2.

                If you like the series, why not contribute towards season two?

                • Dating in the Middle Ages
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                  Y&R Recap: Friday, May 6, 2011

                  Y&R Recap: Friday, May 6, 2011

                  ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Friday, May 6, 2011.

                  IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                  At the police station, Chloe is feeling remorseful that Lucy has been taken from Billy and Victoria due to her filing for custody of Delia. Phyllis and Daniel arrive and approach DA Walsh to see if there can be anything done. He tells them that his hands are tied. Back at the Abbott house, Billy and Victoria decide to head to the police station.

                  Ashley and Nikki run into one another at Crimson Lights and talk on Katherine's campaign to help find Kevin. Both agree that Kevin may not have had anything to do with it. Ashley tells Nikki she was on her way to see Billy to see if Delia would like to be her flower girl for the wedding. As she steps away, Nikki receives a call from Victoria, filling her in on what has happened. Nikki promptly heads on out.

                  At the cemetery, Lily thinks that she could still be imagining things; that is until Cane appears to her. Cane assures her that she's not losing her mind; he's very much real. Lily wants to tell someone that Cane is still alive but Cane is dead set against it. He wants her to keep things quiet. Pulling her into a kiss, he tells Lily that he misses the twins. She tells her about how much they have grown. He request for her to bring them to the cemetery.

                  Letting Kevin out of the closet, Jana tells Kevin that they have big plans for him; she wants them to be back to the way they were. She forces a kiss on him but he rebuffs her. Kevin tells her that he wants the old Jana back; the one that he shared so many good times together. When he mentions that she was the one that saved him from Clint, Jana corrects him saying that it was Amber that saved him. She complains that people called them Bonnie and Clyde and that's what she wants to have him be that way with her. She says that they have to do something shocking together.

                  Michael and Phyllis try their best to talk to DA Walsh into helping Billy and Victoria. Unfortunately their request falls on deaf ears, considering how Lucy came into Billy and Victoria's home to begin with. Soon after, Billy and Victoria arrive and see Chloe. Victoria blames her for Lucy being taken from out of their home. Despite Chloe's attempts to apologize, Victoria continues to attack her until Nikki shows up and pulls her out of the police station. Once they are gone, Billy ushers Chloe to talk to him in one of the visitation rooms. He blasts her for taking another daughter away from him. Chloe tells him that she did what she had to do because he's been making irresponsible choices. Scoffing at her, he tells her she's doing the exact same thing when it comes to Kevin.

                  Jana tells Kevin that she's got their crime all planned out. Going behind the desk she pulls out a clown's mask. She then pulls a large box over to Kevin and imitates a chipmunk's noise. She pulls out the chipmunk's head and tells Kevin that he's going to wear it. He tells her he doesn't want to put it on. She threatens to put him back in the closet unless he puts it on. When she tries to put it on him, he pushes her away. He tells her there is nothing she can do to get him to do what she wants. Jana thinks otherwise.

                  Nikki is stunned to learn that Billy bought Lucy and that the baby is not only Daniel's but the grandchild of Sheila Carter. Victoria becomes upset, saying that she doesn't want to lose Lucy; Nikki assures her that she won't lose her. When the doorbell rings, Nikki goes to answer it and is for once glad that Ashley is there. She asks her if she could spend time to talk to her daughter. Ashley does just that, telling Victoria that she knows what she is going through, considering losing Faith. When Victoria sobs that she doesn't know if she can go through a court battle, Ashley tells her not to give up hope.

                  Phyllis has a change of heart in regards to her initial agreement with Billy and Victoria. She tells Michael that she believes that Daniel is going to wind up regretting giving his daughter to someone else. Michael asks her why the sudden change in her feelings. Before the two can finish their conversation, Billy arrives and tells Phyllis that he is appreciative that she's letting them keep the baby. Phyllis decides to stay mum on her change of heart.

                  Chloe is headed to the coffee house when she gets a phone call from Jana, telling her that she has Kevin. Chloe hears him shouting in the background on where they are. Jana tells her to come to the abandoned school and to come alone if she wants to see Kevin alive again. When she hangs up the phone, she tells Kevin that she's going to kill Chloe so that he can be free of his obsession and focus on falling in love with her. Just then Chloe arrives. Before Jana can turn the gun on her, Kevin kicks it out of her hands. Chloe wrestles the gun away from Jana and starts shaking her, not realizing that she's gone into some sort of attack. When Jana goes limp, Chloe tells Kevin that she's dead.

                  Billy arrives home to find Ashley and Nikki there. While Nikki cooly leaves the room, Ashley embraces her brother, telling him that things will be alright. She too leaves the room so that he and Victoria can talk. Things don't go the way he wants them to go when Victoria tells Billy that she thinks he needs to find somewhere else to stay. Billy doesn't want to leave, believing that the two of them need to be together to get through what's going on. Victoria says that if he doesn't leave she will. Both Nikki and Ashley try to tell Billy that it might be best for him to give Victoria some space. A frustrated Billy huffs off. Michael, who has arrived to talk to Victoria goes after him.

                  On the Next The Young and the Restless…

                  • Adam gloats to Nick that Sharon gave him her house.
                  • Sam offers Sharon a job up at the house.
                  • Abby and Tucker have another go-round.
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                    Soap Opera Network Joins 'One Life's' Matt Cavenaugh For Fan Event, You Coming?

                    ( — Soap fans may remember Matt Cavenaugh from his stint as Mark Soloman, the secret lover of Daniel Colson (Mark Dobies), on ABC's "One Life to Live," but you may not have known that the actor is one of Broadway's biggest stars and will be hosting an intimate event with fans in New York City on Monday, May 16. Soap Opera Network has joined together with Cavenaugh in providing discount tickets to those wishing to attend. Interested?

                    Before he joined "One Life to Live" in 2004, Cavenaugh made his stage debut in 1997 with "The Pirates of Penzance," where he played the role of Samuel. Since then he's appeared in numerous productions including monster hit "West Side Story," where he played the role of Tony in 2009. In 2010, he portrayed Clark Kent (aka: Superman) in the Dallas production of "It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's…SUPERMAN!"

                    In addition to providing discount tickets to fans in and around the New York City area, "An Evening with Matt Cavenaugh" will provide fans the opportunity to take part in a Q&A, Meet and Greet, Autograph Signing/Pictures and the chance to see Matt perform songs from his new CD. If you plan on attending, make sure to use the Soap Opera Network exclusive discount codes in order to receive the discounted pricing.

                    An Evening with Matt Cavenaugh

                    Monday, May 16, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
                    The Davenport Studio
                    250 West 49th Street, Suite 302
                    $99 $125 for Participants
                    $20 $30 to Auditors

                    Participants: Ever wanted to work one-on-one with a soap star? Here’s your chance! Participants will get the chance to work one-on-one on a song or acting scene (even a scene from OLTL) all while getting expertise and advice from Matt. After brushing up on your skills, Matt will talk about his time on One Life to Live, take part in a Q&A session, meet and greet his fans, and even sing from his debut album!

                    Auditors: Join Matt Cavenaugh for this one-of-a-kind evening where he’ll talk about his time on One Life to Live, take part in a Q&A session, meet and greet his fans, and even sing from his debut album! You’ll even get to watch Matt work with some talented individuals on the art of acting.

                    And don’t worry; there will be plenty of time for pictures and autographs!  Matt will even have his brand new album on hand if you want an autographed copy!

                    To Sign Up Today Go To:

                    For the Special Soap Opera Network rates use this code:
                    Participant Code: MATT99
                    Auditor Code: MATT20

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