How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

OLTL Video Sneak Peek: Thursday, May 12, 2011

( — Here’s a glimpse at tomorrow’s Llanview drama with a sneak peek of the first few minutes of Thursday’s episode of “One Life to Live,” courtesy of

Marty and Natalie fight at knife-point. Viki confronts Clint about his medical condition. And Wes puts the moves on Aubrey and Rama.

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    The 'One' Rumor ABC Clears Up Without Question

    ( — Now that ABC has scheduled the last airdate for "All My Children," the next piece of information that fans want to learn, again besides ABC changing their minds about canceling the soaps, is when will "One Life to Live" air its last episode. According to rumors, "One Life" is said to air its finale on Friday, January 6, 2012, but an ABC representative has confirmed to Soap Opera Network that the rumor is untrue. "That is not the correct date for OLTL's final episode," said the representative. While that particular date is out, "One Life to Live" is still scheduled to air its last episode in January which leaves only January 13, 20 or 27, 2012 as options. One of them has to be right, that's for sure.

    As previously reported, ABC says that "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" will conclude in a way "to honor the core, passionate audience and their rich history with our soaps." Some of those fans are planning a protest outside of Lincoln Center on Tuesday, May 17 from 2:00 – 6:00 PM ET in hopes of getting the message across that the soaps are still a viable option for the Walt Disney owned ABC or another potential buyer. Recently, a number of fans banded together and purchased an advertisement in The Hollywood Reporter, which hits newsstands on Friday, May 13, that is expected to get the attention of some 71,000 subscribers in an industry that covers all sorts of entertainment divisions including television, movies, music and publishing. To view the ad, click here.

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      ABC Sets 'All My Children's' Final Airdate

      UPDATE 6:46 PM ET: An ABC representative has informed Soap Opera Network that "All My Children" will indeed conclude on Friday, September 23 as announced by Susan Lucci on "The View." According to the representative, "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" will conclude in a way "to honor the core, passionate audience and their rich history with our soaps." The rep added that "'All My Children' will conclude in a manner that respects its legacy and the longstanding hopes of many of its viewers," when asked if there was anything specific ABC has planned for the shows final months.

      PREVIOUS 6:23 PM ET: ( — Since news of ABC's decision to cancel both "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" nearly one month ago, the most hotly desired piece of information that fans wanted to hear, besides ABC changing their minds, was when would be the last day to catch their favorite Pine Valley citizens. On today's edition of "The View," Susan Lucci, who is daytime's reigning queen of drama, announced that "AMC" will last air on Friday, September 23.

      When pressed for comment earlier this week on the final airdates for "AMC" and sister soap "OLTL,", an ABC representative was unable to provide us with the information, but thankfully a rejuvenated Lucci felt it necessary to keep her fans abreast with solid information. After all, the actress learned that not every rumor is untrue. Prior to the announcement that ABC had opted to redefine daytime with lifestyle programming on April 14, Lucci had been proclaiming that the rumor of her shows demise were just a rumor and said rumors were not coming from ABC. "I received a call from Brian Frons, the Vice President of Daytime Television, asking me to come upstairs to our producers office and at that time he told me the show was canceled and that we were going off the air in September," said Lucci of Brian Frons, who is actually President, Daytime, Disney/ABC Television Group, of his announcement to cast members just before the news hit the press. Although it was a minor detail slip, you got to love a woman who made it into a classic line that had many ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing).

      Lucci, being the businesswoman that she is, made sure to ask ABC's top executive for daytime programming what "AMC" would be replaced with. Her response on Leno was another classic! "I asked at the time that I was called up to the office…I asked this Mr. Brian Frons what they were replacing us with and he said they would be replacing us with a reality show that would cost 40% less to produce," Lucci stated while looking very serious.

      Miss the classic interview? You can watch it in its entirety (two parts) below.

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        AMC Recap: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

        ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Wednesday, May 11, 2011.


        David reaches out to Greenlee, saying she can talk to him, but Greenlee turns him away and Scott comes to her defense. David listens as the two talk about how Scott is the only person who knows what she is going through. Scott insists that telling Madison the truth about their deal will only hurt her. Swearing that if he can’t have Greenlee than nobody can, David tells Madison that the only reason Scott is with her is because Greenlee put him up to it. Meanwhile, before David bursts her bubble, Madison tells Ryan that she will do whatever it takes to keep Scott by her side. Emma hugs Ryan as she doesn’t like seeing her dad upset. When Greenlee shows up Emma is actually nice to her. Greenlee asks Ryan to try and make things work since they love each other and while he tries, he just can’t go through with it.

        Bianca defends Erica to Krystal, saying her mother must have had a good reason if she’s staying away. Bianca doesn’t want to fight with Krystal and says she will handle Jack’s phone, which he left there, since Krystal has done enough. Caleb looks at the website Asher made and tells his son that while at first he thought it was fate that Erica dropped on his house, now he thinks the fate was bringing him closer to his son. Jackson asks Caleb how he stays sane since he too had feelings for Erica. When Caleb tells Krystal he gave Jack some advice she thinks he’s trying to get Jack to give up. Caleb turns the tables on Krystal and points out that she appears to be the one talking advantage of the situation. At Erica’s penthouse, Krystal consoles Jackson as he says he was so loyal to Erica despite the fact she treated him bad. Jack and Krystal kiss. Erica is able to make a call to Jack’s cell on her hidden phone but since Bianca had the phone from earlier, and gave it Spike, Erica gets her grandson but he doesn’t grasp the urgency.

        On the Next All My Children…

        • Erica’s captor reprimands her for making a call.
        • Madison confronts Greenlee about her deal with Scott.
        • Madison is hit with stomach pains.


        OLTL Recap: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

        OLTL Recap: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

        ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Wednesday, May 11, 2011.


        Natalie looks for John in his room but only finds a note saying, “Meet me on the roof.” Natalie goes to the roof, not having glimpsed a puddle of blood creeping out from under the bathroom door. On the roof, Natalie finds murderous Marty, preparing a lovely dinner for her and John. Natalie, believing John is on the way, confronts Marty with the truth that she altered Liam’s paternity test. Natalie intends to tell John everything, leaving Marty no choice and she attacks Natalie. Meanwhile, John returns home and finds Kelly, stabbed and stuffed into the bathroom.

        Clint hides the truth about his condition from Joey, who passes along that Cutter has revealed his true colors that he’s married Tess and will “sell” her back to the family. Joey submits to Clint his concern that Cutter and Aubrey are in cahoots. Clint confirms Joey’s suspicion. Joey intends to blow Aubrey out of the water but Clint advises him to play it cool for now, because Cutter has power over Tess. Brody and Cutter are present when Tess yields control to a new personality, Wes, based on Brody’s old Navy comrade. Aubrey tells Rama about Cutter’s betrayal.

        Charlie says goodbye to Viki and leaves Llanview. Echo crosses with Dorian and vows revenge on her and Viki.

        Viki overhears Clint and his doctor talking about his imminent death. Joey lets Aubrey believe their marriage is strong. Cutter and Brody discover that Wes has slipped out the bathroom window. Wes arrives at Capricorn and hits on Aubrey and Rama.

        John tries to stop Kelly from bleeding out and she murmurs to him that Marty stabbed her. Marty and Natalie fall over the edge of the Angel Square Hotel roof.

        On the Next One Life to Live…

        • Kelly is rushed to the hospital.
        • Natalie becomes Marty’s next victim.
        • John comes upon another grizzly scene.
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          GH Recap: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

          ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Wednesday, May 11, 2011.


          Just as Maxie calms down about Aiden’s paternity, she discovers a ring in Matt’s pocket – is he going to pop the question?

          Patrick notices he is missing his credit card statement, and we realize Lisa has stolen it to create an evidence e-trail of their supposed affair. Kristina suffers a meltdown about college admissions, and Michael wonders if she is having a substance abuse problem.

          Abby inadvertently bolsters Michael’s trust in Johnny.

          Luke tries to hustle his way with Carly and Tracy, only to be denied. Luke tries to convince Lucky to let go.

          Siobhan decides not to tell Lucky the secret of Aiden’s paternity.

          On the Next General Hospital…

          • With Spinelli’s help, Sonny and Dante track Suzanne to San Antonio.
          • Brenda is furious over Carly’s involvement in her son’s rescue.
          • Jason brings Sam home from the hospital.


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            Creative Arts Emmy Award Nominees (aka: Where Most of the Nominations Hail From)

            Live Blogging the Nominations
            (Keep checking back as we post all the nominations) – Last updated 5:27 PM ET

            ( — You may not have known that "The Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards," which airs this year on CBS, only honors the mainstream categories such as acting, writing, directing and show in order to fill in enough time during the two-hour broadcast that also finds time to honor talk shows, game shows, and court room based programming, among the numerous programs aired on daytime television. For those that remain nameless and faceless to the average viewer, "The Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy Awards" puts the spotlight on the behind the scenes individuals that make your favorite stars look their best. From what your favorite actor wears on TV everyday while in character, to how they look on screen and, more importantly, whether they even get a chance to be seen on camera, the creative people behind the scenes help devise the fictional towns you've come to love and enjoy for more than 70 years.

            Prior to the Sunday, June 19 broadcast of "The 38th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards" takes place, these individuals will learn who will win the coveted Emmy in each of their respective categories during a ceremony taking place at the The Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, CA on Friday, June 17.

            The Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy Award Nominees

            Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Direction/Scenic Design for a Drama Series

            • All My Children (ABC)

              • James Jones, Production Designer
              • Bryan Langer, Art Director
              • Kay Dee Lavorin, Set Director
            • The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)

              • Jack Forrestel, Production Designer
              • Fabrice Kenwood, Art Director
              • Charlotte Garnell Scheide, Art Director
              • Elsa Zamparelli, Set Decorator
            • General Hospital (ABC)

              • Chip Dox, Production Designer
              • Daniel Proett, Art Director
              • Jennifer Elliott, Set Decorator
              • Andrew Evashchen, Set Decorator
            • One Life to Live (ABC)

              • Roger Murphy, Production Designer
              • Ruth Wells, Art Director
              • John Kenny, Art Director
              • Martin Fahrer, Art Director
            • The Young and the Restless (CBS)

              • William Hultstrom, Production Designer
              • David Hoffmann, Art Director
              • Joe Bevacqua, Set Decorator
              • Andrea Joel, Set Decorator
              • Fred Cooper, Set Decorator

            Outstanding Achievement for a Casting Director for a Drama Series

            • All Children (ABC)

              • Judy Wilson, Casting Director
            • General Hospital (ABC)

              • Mark Teschner, Casting Director
            • One Life to Live (ABC)

              • Julie Madison, Casting Director
            • The Young and the Restless (CBS)

              • Camille St. Cyr

            Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design for a Drama Series

            • David Zyla for All My Children (ABC)
            • Birgit Muller for The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)
            • Mary Iannelli for General Hospital (ABC)
            • Jennifer Johns for The Young and the Restless (CBS)

            New Approaches – Daytime Entertainment

            • What If… An All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital Web Series (ABC)

              • Brian Briskman, Executive Producer
              • Sue Johnson, Executive Producer
              • Adam Rockmore, Executive Producer
              • Leanne Irvin, Producer
              • John Corser, Producer
              • Frank Valentini, Director
              • Sara Saedi, Writer
              • Delara Adams-Warom, Associate Producer
            • The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)

              • Casey Kasprzk, Producer/Director
              • Bradley P. Bell, Executive Producer
              • Brad Sanders, Writer/Performer
            • Driving Jersey (

              • Steve Rogers, Executive Producer
              • Ryan Bott, Producer
            • The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Syndicated)

              • Ellen DeGeneres, Executive Producer
              • Mary Connelly, Executive Producer
              • Andy Lassner, Executive Producer
              • Jim Paratore, Executive Producer
              • Ed Glavin, Supervising Producer
              • Kelly Davies, Web Producer
              • Joseph Sheridan, Writer
              • Kendall Aliment, New Media Coordinator
            • Half of Us (MTVU)

              • Stephen Friedman, Executive Producer
              • Eric Conte, Executive Producer
              • Jennifer McComb, Supervising Producer
              • Sophia Cranshaw, Producer/Director/Writer
              • Jeffrey Woodton, Producer
              • Courtney Knowles, Producer
              • Paul DeGeorges, Web Producer
              • Amy Campbell, Director
              • Joel Schumacher, Director
              • Carly Henderson, Performer
              • Casey Acierno, Coordinator (MTV Public Affairs)
              • Noopur Agarwal, Director (MTV Public Affairs)
              • Janice Gatti, Senior Director of Communications
              • Jason Rzepka, Vice President (MTV Public Affairs)
              • Gina Esposito, Vice President (Music & Talent)

            Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for a Drama Series

            • All My Children (ABC)

              • Valerie D. Jackson, Hairstylist
              • Joe Edwards Matke III, Hairstylist
              • Terrence Michael Renk, Hairstylist
            • The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)

              • Michelle Arvizo, Key Hairstylist
              • Audrey Soto, Hairstylist
              • Adriana Lucio, Hairstylist
              • Romaine Markus-Myers, Hairstylist
            • One Life to Live (ABC)

              • Joyce Carollo, Hairstylist
              • Katie Jo Kardel, Hairstylist
              • Wayne Bilotti, Hairstylist
              • Marc Zafrani, Hairstylist
            • The Young and the Restless (CBS)

              • George Guzman, Hairstylist
              • Robert Wilson, Hairstylist
              • Mary Kate Welsh, Hairstylist
              • Rachel Ross Bunch, Hairstylist
              • Shannon Bradberry, Hairstylist

            Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction for a Drama Series

            • All My Children (ABC)

              • Jo Mayer, Lighting Designer
            • General Hospital (ABC)

              • Vincent Steib, Lighting Director
              • Tom Markle, Lighting Director
            • One Life to Live (ABC)

              • Scott Devitte, Lighting Director
              • Robert Bessoir, Lighting Director
            • The Young and the Restless (CBS)

              • Ray Thompson, Lighting Director
              • Bill Roberts, Lighting Director

            Outstanding Achievement in Live & Direct to Tape Sound Mixing for a Drama Series

            • All My Children (ABC)

              • Christopher Banninger, Production Mixer
              • RT Smith, Post-Production Mixer
              • Anthony Inglese, Boom Operator
              • Andy Morales, Boom Operator
              • Stu Rudolph, Boom Operator
            • General Hospital (ABC)

              • Nick Kleissas, Production Mixer
              • Elyse Pecora, Pre-Production Mixer
              • Nick Marcus, Post-Production Mixer
              • Donald Smith, Post-Production Mixer
              • Stanley Magnone, Boom Operator
              • Fred Fryrear, Boom Operator
              • Christine Tyson, Boom Operator
              • Sandy Masone, Boom Operator
            • One Life to Live (ABC)

              • William John DeBlock, Production Mixer
              • David Marino, Post-Production Mixer
              • Paul Glass, Music Mixer
              • Daniel Krausz, Music Mixer
              • Bill Mozer, Boom Operator
              • Chuck Eisen, Boom Operator
              • Chris Mauro, Boom Operator
              • Robert Ambrico, Boom Operator
            • The Young and the Restless (CBS)

              • Tommy Persson, Production Mixer
              • Mikael Persson, Pre-Production Mixer
              • Dino Johnson, Post-Production Mixer
              • Danny Moreno, Re-Recording Mixer
              • Mark Beckley, Boom Operator
              • Denise Stones, Boom Operator
              • Luis Godinez, Sr. Boom Operator
              • Mark Mooney, Boom Operator

            Outstanding Achievement in Makeup for a Drama Series
            Outstanding Achievement in Multiple Camera Editing for a Drama Series
            Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition for a Drama Series

            Outstanding Original Song for a Drama Series

            • General Hospital (ABC)

              • "Bad For You" by Rick Krizman, Composer & Lyricist
              • "Home Again" by Robert Hartry, Composer & Lyricist
            • One Life to Live (ABC)

              • "Starr X'd Lovers" by Michele Vice-Maslin, Chuck Wild and Dorian Cheah, Composers & Lyricists

            Outstanding Achievement in Technical Direction/Electronic Camera/Video Control for a Drama Series

            • All My Children
            • One Life to Live
            • The Young and the Restless
            • General Hospital
            • As The World Turns
            • The Daytime Emmy Awards
            • The Bold and the Beautiful
            • Days of our Lives
            • The Creative Arts Emmy Awards

              Nominations Announced for 'The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards'

              Live Blogging the Nominations
              The Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy Award Nominees – Last updated 4:47 PM ET

              ( — As promised, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) along with the CBS Television Network announced the nominees for "The 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards" early this morning. Leading the nominations was ABC's "General Hospital" with 21 in total. "GH" was followed up by CBS' "The Young and the Restless" with 20 nominations, "The Bold and the Beautiful" with 14, and canceled soaps "All My Children" with 13 and "One Life to Live" with 12. "Days of our Lives" had 6 nominations, while canceled "As The World Turns" received 4 nominations. PBS led all television networks with a total of 57 nominations, though ABC closely followed and led the broadcast networks with its combination of soaps and talk show "The View" receiving 56 nominations. Although it was led by its soaps, CBS' 42 nominations included recognition for game shows "Let's Make a Deal" and "The Price is Right" as well as "The Talk," which replaced "World Turns." In addition to the aforementioned "DAYS," NBC received a total of 15 nominations when factoring in perennial morning show ratings leader, "The Today Show." The morning program airs for four consecutive hours on NBC.

              Officially recognized as "The 38th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards" now that it includes nominations for online distributed content such as those featured on video giant YouTube, the annual awards telecast will air on CBS on Sunday, June 19 from 8:00 – 10:00 PM ET/PT (live on the east coast, recorded for the west coast). The annual awards show returns to the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada for the second consecutive year. Associated Television International returns as producers of the program.

              The 38th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Award Nominees

              Outstanding Drama Series

              • All My Children (ABC)

                • Julie Hanan Carruthers, Executive Producer
                • Nadine Aroson, Coordinating Producer
                • Hope Harmel Smith, Supervising Producer
              • The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)

                • Bradley P. Bell, Executive Producer
                • Rhonda Friedman, Supervising Producer
                • Ronald L. Weaver, Senior Producer
                • Adam Dusevoir, Coordinating Producer
                • Edward Scott, Producer
                • Cynthia J. Popp, Producer
                • Casey Kasprzk, Producer
              • General Hospital (ABC)

                • Jill Farren Phelps, Executive Producer
                • Robert Guza Jr., Consulting Producer
                • Mary O'Leary, Producer
                • Michelle Henry, Producer
                • Mercer Barrows, Producer
              • The Young and the Restless (CBS)

                • Maria Arena Bell, Executive Producer
                • Paul Rauchm Co-Executive Producer
                • Anthony Morina, Supervising Producer
                • John C. Fisher, Supervising Producer

              Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

              • Alicia Minshew as Kendall Slater (All My Children, ABC)
              • Debbi Morgan as Angie Hubbard (All My Children, ABC)
              • Colleen Zenk as Barbara Ryan (As The World Turns, CBS)
              • Susan Flannery as Stephanie Forrester (The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS)
              • Laura Wright as Carly Corinthos Jacks (General Hospital, ABC)
              • Michelle Stafford as Phyllis Summers (The Young and the Restless, CBS)

              Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

              • Ricky Paull Goldin as Jake Martin (All My Children, ABC)
              • Michael Park as Jack Snyder (As The World Turns, CBS)
              • James Scott as EJ DiMera (Days of our Lives, NBC)
              • Maurice Benard as Sonny Corinthos (General Hospital, ABC)
              • Christian Le Blanc as Michael Baldwin (The Young and the Restless, CBS)

              Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

              • Melissa Claire Egan as Annie Chandler (All My Children, ABC)
              • Julie Pinson as Janet Ciconne (As The World Turns, CBS)
              • Heather Tom as Katie Logan Spencer (The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS)
              • Nancy Lee Grahn as Alexis David (General Hospital, ABC)
              • Bree Williamson as Jessica Brennan (One Life to Live, ABC)
              • Tricia Cast as Nina Webster (The Young and the Restless, CBS)

              Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

              • Johnathan Jackson as Lucky Spencer (General Hospital, ABC)
              • Jason Thompson as Patrick Drake (General Hospital, ABC)
              • Brian Kerwin as Charlie Banks (One Life to Live, ABC)
              • Doug Davidson as Paul Williams (The Young and the Restless, CBS)
              • Billy Miller as Billy Abbott (The Young and the Restless, CBS)

              Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series

              • Brittany Allen as Marissa Chandler (All My Children, ABC)
              • Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina Corinthos (General Hospital, ABC)
              • Emily O'Brien as Jana Hawkes (The Young and the Restless, CBS)

              Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series

              • Scott Clifton as William Spencer III aka Liam Cooper (The Bold and the Beautiful, CBS)
              • Chandler Massey as Will Horton (Days of our Lives, NBC)
              • Chad Duell as Michael Corinthos (General Hospital, ABC)

              Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team

              • The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)

                • Cynthia J. Popp, Director
                • Michael Stich, Director
                • Deveney Kelly, Director
                • Jennifer Howard, Director
                • Steven A. Wacker, Associate Director
                • Clyde Kaplan, Associate director
                • Catherine Sedwick, Associate Director
                • Douglas Hayden, Stage Manager
                • Laura Yale, Stage Manager
                • Lori Staffier, Production Associate
              • General Hospital (ABC)

                • William Ludel, Director
                • Scott McKinsey, Director
                • Owen Renfroe, Director
                • Phideaux Xavier, Director
                • Pete Fillmore, Associate Director
                • Dave Macleod, Associate Director
                • Denise Van Cleave, Associate Director
                • Penny Pengra, Associate Director
                • Christine Magarian, Associate Director
                • RC Cates, Associate Director
                • Crystal Craft, Stage Manager
                • Craig McManus, Stage Manager
                • Christine Cooper, Production Associate
                • Andrea Compton, Production Associate
              • One Life to Live (ABC)

                • Zetna Fuentes, Director
                • Gary Donatelli, Director
                • Jill Mitwell, Director
                • Frank Valentini, Director
                • Mary Ryan, Director
                • Danielle Faraldo, Director
                • Bruce Cooperman, Director
                • Tracy Casper Lang, Associate Director
                • Michael Sweeney, Associate Director
                • Teresa Cicala, Associate Director
                • Anthony Wilkinson, Associate Director
                • Paul Glass, Associate Director
                • Daniel Krausz, Associate Director
                • Keith Greer, Stage Manager
                • Brendan Higgins, Stage Manager
                • Alan Needleman, Stage Manager
                • Kevin Brush, Production Associate
                • Nathalie Rodriguez, Production Associate
              • The Young and the Restless (CBS)

                • Andrew Lee, Director
                • Dean LaMont, Director
                • Sally McDonald, Director
                • Mike Denney, Director
                • Marc Beruti, Associate Director
                • Jennifer Scott Christenson, Associate Director
                • Chris Mullen, Associate Director
                • Robbin Phillips, Associate Director
                • Tom McDermott, Stage Manager
                • Herbert Weaver, Jr., Stage Manager
                • Nancy Ortenberg, Production Associate
                • Erica Meyer, Production Associate
                • Vanessa Noland, Production Associate

              Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team

              • As The World Turns (CBS)

                • Jean Passanante, Co-Head Writer
                • David Kreizman, Co-Head Writer
                • Lucky Gold, Co-Head Writer
                • Leah Laiman, Associate Head Writer
                • Josh Griffith, Associate Writer
                • Susan Dansby, Associate Writer
                • David Smilow, Associate Writer
                • Gordin Rayfield, Associate Writer
                • Leslie Nipkow, Associate Writer
                • Janet Iacobuzio, Associate Writer
                • Penelope Koechl, Associate Writer
                • David A. Levinson, Script Editor
              • The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)

                • Bradley P. Bell, Head Writer
                • Kay Alden, Co-Head Writer
                • Michael Minnis, Co-Head Writer
                • Tracey Ann Kelly, Writer
                • Patrick Mulcahey, Writer
                • Shannon Bradley, Writer
                • Adam Dusevoir, Writer
                • John F. Smith, Writer
                • Rex M. Best, Writer
              • Days of our Lives (NBC)

                • Dena Higley, Head Writer
                • Christopher Whitesell, Co-Head Writer
                • John Newman, Script Writer
                • Ryan Quan, Script Writer
                • David Cherrill, Script Writer
                • Richard Culliton, Script Writer
                • Carolyn Culliton, Script Writer
                • Rick Draughon, Associate Writer
                • Jeanne Marie Ford, Associate Writer
                • Michelle Poteet Lisanti, Associate Writer
                • Lisa Seidman, Associate Writer
                • Fran Myers, Script Editor
              • The Young and the Restless (CBS)

                • Maria Arena Bell, Head Writer
                • Hogan Sheffer, Co-Head Writer
                • Scott Hamner, Co-Head Writer
                • Anne Schoettle, Writer
                • Amanda L. Beall, Writer
                • Sandra Weintraub, Writer
                • Teresa Zimmerman, Writer
                • Natalie Minardi Slater, Writer
                • Linda Schrieber, Writer
                • Beth Milstein, Writer
                • Marla Kanelos, Writer
                • Jay Gibson, Writer
                • Janice Ferri Esser, Writer
                • Tom Casiello, Writer
                • Paula Cwikly, Writer
              • All My Children
              • One Life to Live
              • The Young and the Restless
              • General Hospital
              • As The World Turns
              • The View
              • The Daytime Emmy Awards
              • Let’s Make a Deal
              • The Talk
              • The Bold and the Beautiful
              • Days of our Lives
              • Associated Television International
              • The Today Show

                AMC Video Sneak Peek: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

                ( — Here’s a glimpse at tomorrow’s Pine Valley drama with a sneak peek of the first few minutes of Wednesday’s episode of “All My Children,” courtesy of

                Scott and Madison discuss their relationship. Ryan and Greenlee talk. And David expresses an interest in Greenlee.


                • All My Children
                • Sneak Peek

                  OLTL Video Sneak Peek: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

                  ( — Here’s a glimpse at tomorrow’s Llanview drama with a sneak peek of the first few minutes of Wednesday’s episode of “One Life to Live,” courtesy of

                  Tess loses control to Wes, much to Brody and Cutter’s horror. Cristian and Rama get better acquainted. And Clint discusses his condition with his doctor.

                  • One Life to Live
                  • Sneak Peek

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