How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus


Tuc Watkins’ ‘Life’ Ends Again

Tuc Watkins' 'Life' Ends Again

( — Here today, gone tomorrow.  Tuc Watkins latest stint in Llanview as David Vickers Buchanan has proven to be like all his others…faster than a New York minute. On Monday, April 11, just as David and his lady love Mayor Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser) settle into married life, they are faced with a tough decision regarding their future together.

That’s right, after returning to “One Life to Live” on March 15, Watkins already has both feet out the studio door. However, as fans have come to expect with the actor, a rep for the show reminds us that he is bound to return sooner or later for yet another brief stint. In the meantime, however, look for the newlyweds to discuss whether or not they can handle a long distance relationship with David supervising production of his biopic on the West Coast, while Dorian remains in Llanview to tend to her mayoral duties.

Watkins originated the role of David in 1994 and has played the character on and off first leaving the show in 1996. He has also appeared on “General Hospital,” “Beggars & Choosers,” and “Desperate Housewives.”

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    Video: Marque Richardson Auditions for 'One Life to Live'

    ( — As we previously reported, “One Life to Live” is casting a new (apparently) recurring African-American character named Robbie, who is described as “18-22 year-old good looking, sexy and extremely confident, as well as an intern at a well-known newspaper.” Among the aspiring actors auditioning for the role is Marque Richardson, who uploaded his video audition online. Take a look…

    To refresh your memory, click here to read a summary of the audition script.

    Here’s your chance to sound off.  Do you think he has what it takes to be on “One Life to Live?”

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      Llanview Casting Gossip: April 7 Edition

      Llanview Casting Gossip: April 7 Edition

      ( — “One Life to Live” minor casting odds and ends for April and beyond.

      Matthew Conlon returns as Paris art gallery owner M. Claude Calmar on Friday, April 22, when he pays Tomas a visit.

      John Wesley Shipp appeared in new flashback scenes on Wednesday, April 6, and will again on Tuesday, April 26.

      Carolina Bermudez, as we previously reported, will play a reporter named Blanca in five episodes of “OLTL” beginning Monday, April 11.  In a new interview, the radio DJ says that “Working on ‘One Life to Live’ has been such an amazing experience and I can’t wait for everyone to see how I shake things up in Llanview. Working with a cast I’ve admired since I was a little girl is incredibly surreal and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.”  Bermudez’s radio co-host Elvis Duran praised his co-host, saying “Carolina is perfect for a soap opera role, considering she rarely knows the difference between reality and fantasy. Now they can get a dose of her drama queen tendencies.”

      Kassie DePaiva (Blair) has weighed in on Roger Howarth‘s return to “One Life,” tweeting that she was “Thrilled Roger Howarth will b back. Between Ted [King], Trevor [St. John], & Roger… 3 amazingly talented actors. Possibilities r endless. Kudos 2 ‘OLTL!’”

      David A. Gregory (Ford) informs fans they haven’t seen the last of the Ford brother’s mother Inez Salinger (Jessica Leccia), saying simply that “She’ll be back :).” And he states that, while he isn’t sure of his exact airdates this month, that “[He does] remember April being a busy month for Ford lol.”

      Connie Renda will return in the coming weeks as a nurse at Llanview Hospital. Renda last appeared in two episodes in January in scenes with Natalie, John, and Marty, following the birth of Natalie’s baby Liam. “Hello everyone! I shot 2 episodes of One Life to Live! The episodes air January 14th and 17th! Was lots of fun to shoot! Lots of drama as the neonatal nurse,” she wrote on her website back in December. Although her next airdate has not been announced, Renda noted on her website a few weeks ago “‘One Life to Live’ once again! After the last episodes, you’d think the nurse would have been fired! Maybe just reprimanded, because I’m very grateful to be doing another episode as a nurse. Air date TBD… will write more soon.”

      John Rochette taped scenes as a Doctor back on January 13.

      Speaking of doctors, look for a new one (listed in breakdowns as Dr. Buhari) to debut on Thursday, April 7. While the person cast in the role remains unknown at this time, look for the new recurring doc to share scenes in the coming weeks with several Llanview residents, including Rex, Gigi, Shane, John, and Marty.

      Chris Campanioni (aka Chris Cuba) played the male porn star in scenes on Friday, April 1 and Monday, April 4. Also during those same porn scenes, Isaac Hirotsu Woofter played a film crew member.

      Click here, here, and here to watch a couple of newly uploaded video auditions of different actresses trying out roles recently on “One Life to Live.”

      Several “OLTL” cast members have commented on the great work that their younger co-stars Austin Williams (Shane) and Eddie Alderson (Matthew) have done lately with regards to their respective storylines.  David A. Gregory (Ford) said on Facebook that “Eddie’s my dressing room buddy at ‘One Life’ – so proud! Between him and Austin as Shane this week, these dudes are on fire! Eddie Alderson TORE. IT. UP. Today [April 6]! Also, good to see JWS back as Papa Bear.” Mark Lawson (Brody) said “Agreed. The young men are really bringing it.” And Eddie’s older sister Kristen Alderson (Starr) tweeted that “Awesome ‘OLTL’ show today [April 5]! My brother is a good little actor! or should I say murderer….lol. How cool was it when Clint said Matthew killed Eddie!!! GAVE ME CHILLS!

      Kristen also tweeted on April 3 that “My script for tomorrow made me cry.”

      And the song used in the montage at the end of the April 5 episode was “The Water” by the group Hurts.

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        Y&R Recap: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

        Y&R Recap: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

        ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, April 6, 2011.


        As Malcolm is helping Phyllis with the memory cards to help clear Sharon, Neil question if Sophia truly wants to marry his brother.

        Jack runs into Ashley and Tucker, who are looking at various locations to be married. He fills them in on how Sharon's trial has gone. They begin talking about how Sharon should have steered clear of Adam; Jack makes a quip about her not being the only one that should watch who they are with. Ashley instantly takes offense.

        Adam tells Sharon that the system has failed her and that she needs to run away before they put her in jail for a long time. Sharon refuses to take Adam up on his idea of skipping town; especially when it comes to not being with her children.

        Victor and Michael are at the Genoa City Athletic Club discussing business when Diane and Kyle show up. The minute Nick arrives, Diane's attentions instantly focus on him. The two begin to have a brief conversation, to the displeasure of Victor. Victor tells Michael that he's using every weakness that Diane has as his advantage. When Abby arrives, she wants to try to spend time with Victor, who rudely ignores her.

        Sofia becomes upset when Neil tries to talk her out of marrying Malcolm. She brings up the past Malcolm and he had when it came to Drucilla. The two of them begin to squabble, which Malcolm notices. The two of them quickly cover and pretend they are fussing about the location of the wedding. When Neil leaves, Malcolm asks Sofia what's really going on.

        Ashley, who is at Gloworm with Tucker, spots Diane at the bar. She casually makes her way over to her and puts in her two cents about Victor; and how, like she, Diane will see that Victor is all about himself. She also tosses in how Nikki will always be a factor in Victor's life and that it might be best for her to find someone that is more suitable for her.

        After Abby makes a cutting comment toward, Tucker, she departs to get a drink. He fakes concern with Ashley and tells her he'll talk to her. When he reaches Abby, though, all he cares about is getting her stocks that Brad gave to her. When Abby sees Diane at the bar, she remembers how she caught the two of them together. She coldly tells Tucker she doesn't do business with people she can't trust.

        Taking a raincheck with Jack, Phyllis heads over to Nick's to pick up Summer. The two of them get cozy over beers together. She soon gets a knot in her back, which Nick kindly tends to. When Summer comes back down with her belongings for her sleepover, Phyllis departs, but not before having a meaningful look with Nick.

        Jack learns from Diane that Victor has been working hard on the IPO. When Victor shows up, Jack happily announces to him that he can't wait to get some of that stock. Victor smugly tells him not to hold his breath, and escorts Diane over to another table. Alone together, Victor tells Diane that there are some things that he won't allow as long as they are together. She soon realizes that he's talking about her talking to Nick. Victor tells Diane she's not kidding anyone.

        On the Next The Young and the Restless…

        • Adam and Victor face-off.
        • Phyllis wants to know what Daniel's hiding regarding Daisy.
        • Gloria and Chloe get a visit from the police.
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          AMC Recap: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

          ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Wednesday, April 6, 2011.


          Griffin and Tad discuss the potential threats to Kendall and the need to look into the casino partners. Griffin downplays Tad’s comment that he’s her secret protector. The doctor promises to stay back until Tad gets the meeting with Diana. Griffin covers then abruptly leaves when Tad asks if he’s seen anything pertaining to the stolen drugs. Using a different name, Diana gains entrance into Kendall’s, claiming her car’s broken down. Luckily for Kendall, Ricky shows up and covers his surprise. On her way out, Diana warns Ricky that if he doesn’t take care of Kendall she will. Kendall’s shocked when she sees Diana’s credit card with her real name as opposed to the fake one she gave. Griffin covers his surprise when Kendall tells him what happened; he calls Brot to inform him the threat against Kendall is real. Unfortunately, Brot can’t offer much help since there is no substantial evidence. Griffin shows up at Kendall’s to watch over her but says he’s there to give her medical advice. In Diana’s hotel room Ricky kisses her passionately but he’s still upset she didn’t listen to his instructions. After he finds her knife and she says she would have used it on Kendall he starts to choke her.

          Scott videotapes Madison and she tells her baby that they’re lucky to have Scott in their lives. Later, when they show up for a checkup, Ryan’s there and asks if he and Greenlee can join. Madison agrees but Greenlee and Scott decide to wait outside. Scott tells Greenlee he isn’t worried about Ryan and Madison but its obvious Greenlee isn’t as confident. In the exam room Madison and Ryan share a moment as they hear their child’s heartbeat. Ryan tells Emma that it was him, not Greenlee, who set up the appointment with the psychologist and she decides to go and get it over with. Afterwards, Emma reveals that she told the doctor she doesn’t want Greenlee as a stepmom. Unaware of this, Greenlee feels relieved when she gets Emma to laugh while telling her about her baby sister’s exam.

          Marissa confides in Bianca that she feels a pull towards JR but is unsure why. Bianca says it’s because she’s helped him through a lot of tough times. JR asks Marissa to attend his two year anniversary of being sober at his AA meeting but she holds strong and says they are in the past and he must accept that. Later, JR witnesses from afar Scott putting his arm around Marissa. When Marissa notices Bianca and the bartender sharing looks she closes out her tab and hints that she should go and talk to Bianca. The bartender does but Bianca says she’s not ready for a relationship just yet.

          On the Next All My Children…

          • Ricky commits a heinous crime.
          • Jesse worries about his new daughter and brings her to the hospital.
          • Liza and David have sex.


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            OLTL Recap: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

            OLTL Recap: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

            ( — “One Life to Live” Episode Recap – Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

            IT HAPPENED TODAY…

            Blair and Starr take Jack home and make him take the Shane video off his computer. Blair admits to Starr that she hit Jack. In the aftermath of Shane’s suicide attempt, Rex and Gigi argue over what’s the right thing to do, but ultimately decide to take him to the hospital.

            Natalie visits with Clint and admits she’s not over John.

            Viki visits Todd, but instead finds Téa. Viki tells Téa that she found Charlie in bed with Echo. Téa realizes that Viki is going to give Echo a piece of her mind.

            Destiny tells Shaun about Shane, says she’s going to tell Matthew what happened.

            Shaun and Tea bond over Destiny and Danielle.

            On the Next One Life to Live…

            • Bo gives Rex his support.
            • Starr tells Blair she’s a good mother.
            • Viki gives Echo a piece of her mind.
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              GH Recap: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

              GH Recap: Wednesday, April 6, 2011

              ( — “General Hospital” Episode Recap – Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

              IT HAPPENED TODAY…

              Jason and Michael both play Brandon’s death close to the vest, hoping to protect the other. Dante supports protecting his brother and has no problem framing Jason for murder to do so. Jason and Michael realize neither of them killed Brandon. Johnny gets a call from Anthony Zacchara.

              While Sonny is skeptical that Lucian is who Suzanne claims him to be, Brenda immediately takes to the child as her own.

              Lisa continues to cultivate a relationship with Kristina as a means to gain access to Patrick and Robin. Patrick confronts Johnny.

              On the Next General Hospital…

              • Luke loses control.
              • Sam counsels Jason as he reveals his regret over not being Jake’s father.
              • Nikolas says goodbye to Brook Lynn.


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                Radio Personality Carolina Bermudez Reports from Llanview

                ( — She may not have the star of Kourtney Kardashian or Wendy Williams, but popular New York City radio emcee Carolina Bermudez will have something in common with the reality TV starlet and flamboyant talk show host when she appears on “One Life to Live” next week. On Monday, April 11, the Z100 Radio “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show” co-host will make her first of five appearances as a reporter named Blanca. In 2009, Bermudez appeared on “One Life” as herself when she introduced the Pussycat Dolls to the Llanview High crowd, after the school won a contest to get the girl group to perform at their prom.

                Bermudez, who will be apprearing in scenes with several Llanview residents including Destiny Evans (Shenell Edmonds), made the announcement of her “One Life to Live” return live on air during her radio program on April 4. “[I am] so excited to tell you all the news… I will be appearing on ‘One Life To Live,’ she revealed. “My first episode airs April 11th, make sure you tune in!”

                Shortly after the announcement, former “OLTL” cast member Brittany Underwood (Langston), who was fired ealier this year, and whose final airdate is set for Tuesday, April 12, called in to congratulate her friend on the good news and wish her well during her time in Llanview.

                This is the latest in a series of guest stars to have appeared on “One Life to Live” so far this year. In addition to Bermudez, Karashian, and and Williams, WCVB-TV Boston Reporter Shayna Seymour and Entertainment Weekly “PopWatch” blog editor Abby West have also had minor roles on the show in recent months.

                Bermudez isn’t new to soap opera drama. The disc jokey and In Touch Weekly columnist aired her dirty computer laundry in an episode of “The People’s Court” in 2009 when she took her morning show’s executive producer and co-host Skeery Jones to court for damages to her Apple computer. to see how of all the drama that went down, watch the videos below. Question is, was it a publicity stunt or real-life drama playing out on TV?

                To learn more about Carolina Bermudez, click here to read her official bio.

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                  Y&R Recap: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

                  Y&R Recap: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

                  ( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Tuesday, April 5, 2011.

                  IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                  While Billy and Nick discuss how damaging Adam's testimony will be for Sharon, a cocky Adam, in the visitor's room, tells Vance that he's going to make the jury see that Sharon didn't kill Skye.

                  During a business lunch, Sofia and Neil discuss how what happened between them was only a one time thing and that it will never happen again. Malcolm suddenly appears to tell them that they have an opening at the church to be married. When he tells them that the church is First United, both Sofia and Neil balk that it's a mistake to have the wedding where Cane was killed.

                  DA Walsh is ready to put Adam on the stand. He begins by listing all of Adam's past crimes and asks on the Newman Hedge Fund. Adam admits to ending things with Skye when he and Sharon fell in love again. Walsh wants to know how far Adam would go to have Skye out of his life; did he send Sharon to Hawaii to kill Skye. Adam tries his best to talk on the video he saw but is stopped dead in his tracks. Once they have him alone, Billy and Nick question him on the video.

                  Jill and Colin arrive at the coffee house and find themselves talking to Daniel and Lily. When Lily leaves, Colin starts to shed light on how he understands what Lily is going through, pointing out that she needs family and friends to comfort and surround her. Jill realizes that Colin is talking on the loss of his children and the two of them have a heart-to-heart.

                  Chloe and Gloria are confronted by Jana, who wants to know why Chloe's trying to get her fired from her job. As the twon women bicker, Gloria secretly swipes her key. The two soon start digging through Jana's apartment for anything suspicious, but when they discover Jana is back at the Abbott house, Gloria uses a stall tactic. When it doesn't work, Chloe rushes off with the pregancy pillow and is caught by Billy, wondering what she is up to.

                  Malcolm talks to Lily about having his wedding at First United; he wants to know if she'd be comfortable being there. She tells Malcolm she needs to think about it. She soon heads to see her therapist, where she discusses the loss of Cane and how she wished she had heard his last words to her on the night he died. When her session is over, she calls Neil and asks if Malcolm is still with him. She tells them both that she'll be at the wedding at the church.

                  Vance, fearing that Sharon won't win the case, tells her that he thinks she should plead to a lesser charge. Adam tells Vance that he's not helpng Sharon at all by asking her to admit guilt to something she didn't do. A distraught Sharon can't believe she'll never see her kids again. When Adam and Sharon are left alone, Adam tells her that he's going to help her escape.

                  Phyllis returns from Thailand, many memory cards in hand. She requests Malcolm's help in trying to pull whatever data off of one of the memory cards that could help clear Sharon.

                  On the Next The Young and the Restless…

                  • Neil wants to know if Sofia truly wants to marry Malcolm.
                  • Sharon begs Adam to re-think his request.
                  • Diane still finds herself in hot water with Victor over Nick.
                  • Sharon Case
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                    AMC Recap: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

                    ( — “All My Children” Episode Recap – Tuesday, April 5, 2011.

                    IT HAPPENED TODAY…

                    Kendall invites Griffin to Erica’s wedding as her vigilant doctor, and to show her gratitude for their perfect non-date. Griffin tells Kendall she’s in great health and doesn’t need him. Kendall fills Griffin in on the progress with the new probate lawyer and reveals that the sale of the casino should happen soon. Griffin expresses his worry to Tad that pushing the sale of the casino might leave Kendall as a target and he’d like Tad’s help in getting a meeting with the casino partners. When Cara comments that it’s obvious Griffin is connected to Kendall he gets defensive. Ricky accepts Kendall’s invite to the wedding and she informs Bianca that she’s asked him since Griffin turned her down. Diana shows up after having followed Kendall and Ricky reams her out. He thought he made it clear they were done and insists he will make Kendall love him. Ricky tells Griffin that Kendall invited him to the wedding and Griffin claims he’s fine with that. Kendall lets Diana in after she claims her car’s broken down.

                    Angie assures Jesse she’s ready to return home and questions his hesitance. Jake, Amanda, Tad and Cara prepare the Hubbard Loft for Jesse, Angie and baby Lucy’s arrival. Jesse loses his cool when Cara continues to ponder out loud how Lucy survived such a severe placental rupture in perfect condition.

                    Jake and Amanda get into an argument over her behavior concerning Cara. They don’t have a chance to resolve anything as Jake gets a call from the hospital. Cara confides in Tad that all the talk about Trevor hurt because she was close to getting pregnant once and will likely never have a baby now. Cara admits to Tad that he might be the best friend she ever had.

                    Bianca asks Caleb to back off her mother. Kendall advises a wary Bianca to let Erica, Jack and Caleb handle their own business and to focus on her own substantial problems. Caleb tries to get the location of Erica and Jack’s wedding from Opal. A determined Caleb refuses to give up.

                    On the Next All My Children…

                    • Griffin calls Brot to inform him the threat against Kendall is real.
                    • JR asks Marissa to attend his two year anniversary of being sober at his AA meeting.
                    • Emma goes to see a psychologist.


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