Truth and Consequence…
Friday, December 28, 2007 11:18 PM | By Venus Stone

( — The truth has a way of coming out to destroy families…


Stefano wants to spend more time with Johnny, which upsets EJ. Marlena receives another veiled message from Crystal. Lucas admits to Sami that he was the one that shot EJ. Stefano requests that his bodyguard take care of Lucas. Marlena received a call from Crystal to meet her. Sami turns away from Lucas. EJ tries to get word out to the police that Lucas could be in serious danger.


Belle, unable to hide the truth, confesses to Shawn that she slept with Phillip. A furious Shawn walks out on Belle, telling her he wants a divorce from her. Chloe tries to get Phillip to help her regarding Brady, but he wants her help in return. Belle goes looking for comfort from Marlena while Shawn is stunned to learn that Hope knew all along about the affair. After some thinking, Chloe tells Phillip that she will help him in whatever he wants her to do.

NOTE: “Days of Our Lives” will be pre-empted Tuesday, January 1.

Pictured: Bryan Dattilo courtesy NBC

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